Month: July 2018


Spotlight of the Month

School: Minnesota State University- Mankato Region: MACURH
Nominee: Stadium Heights Summer CA Staff Nominator: Steph Lowe

On-Campus Population: 2900 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Stadium Heights residential community this summer staff of four Community Advisors; Jorey Fischer, Dylan Melchert, David Reyes, and Steph Lowe. Supervising the summer staff of CA’s is Daniel Vorwerk the Stadium Heights Hall Director. Stadium Heights residents usually stay over the summer because they are working, taking summer classes, using the space for storage, or periodically present during the summer.

Every Monday night we play volleyball at 7pm hosted by the Hall Director Dan. Playing volleyball every Monday at 7 is fun as the time is consistent each week and a good social opportunity for residents to play volleyball- communicate with our staff and meet other residents staying in the summer. Our last event planned to be on July 18th and our staff really wanted to focus on creating a fun event for residents to attend without letting the discouragement from low attendance at previous events disturb the planning process. Our team came up with a night games theme and brainstormed a few different night games we could play depending on the turn out. We also gathered supplies to make a fire with our grill to make s’mores. On the day of the event we had a few residents show up and we were able to play Kan Jam, chalk drawing, hopscotch tournaments, playing catch with a football, and s’mores. The event last for about an hour and a half, a few residents that attended made the event a success, and a fun night for everyone and a great end to our summer events.

Our staff meetings throughout the month of July have been productive with a lot of great discussion on ideas for the next academic year. On July 2nd our staff meeting consisted of working as a team to create our final summer event Night Games. On July 9th our staff was trained on the logistics of the summer checkout processes. How checkouts were going to be scheduled, access to the checkout onedrive document, distributing closing information to residents on bulletin boards and hanging up the newsletter. Dan did a great job explaining the checkout process from start to finish and even followed up with each CA in one on ones to answer any questions a CA might still have. On July 16th our staff learned how to work with an Excel spreadsheet creating our caring conversations booklets for all CA’s to use next year online instead of a printed copy. We also brainstormed and discussed social media strategies for our Stadium Heights Instagram and Facebook pages and talked about other social media outlets residents might be using. Our staff came up with a formatted plan of using Facebook for posting mass photos and event information, using Instagram for posters and main pictures, and using snapchat for uploading real time pictures and videos. This plan that was created to help share photos and information where residents can easily access and helps the fall CA’s be involved with the social media pages. In every one on one this month each CA checks in with Dan about their goals they have been working on, setting new goals for the rest of the summer, and updating on the progress of our independent projects.

The week of July 27th –August 1st is our checkout period, each CA signed up for a period of time each day to hold the duty phone and complete schedule checkouts while assisting residents. The entire checkout process went very smoothly thanks to Dan’s preparation and our team working together. This summer has been a blast and made an impact thanks to this incredible summer staff team!

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