Month: July 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Joel Wilper Nominator: Megan Swingle

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I’m very excited to nominate Joel Wilper for Student Staff Member of the Month for July 2018 at Truman State University. Throughout Summer 2018, Joel served as the Housing Intern for Residence Life. Though he served the department diligently all summer, Joel really excelled in his position in July 2018.

Joel is an incoming Senior at Truman State University and for the past two years, Joel served as a Student Advisor at TSU. As Joel considered his summer plans, he sought out the Housing Intern position to expand his knowledge of the inter-workings of Residence Life and continue to develop his leadership and customer service skills. As the Housing Intern, Joel was responsible for assisting with the supervision of five student Conference Assistants, maintaining the day to day operations of the housing portion of Truman’s Camps and Conferences, and working with other members of Residence Life on special projects.

As the Housing Intern, one of Joel’s primary roles was to supervise five student Conference Assistants. While Joel had some supervision experience, this was his first experience doing long-term supervision of other students. Through July 2018 I saw Joel strive to improve and develop his supervision skills. Joel did a great job of creating individualized relationships with each Conference Assistant. He was incredibly devoted to learning about each employee as an individual so that he was better able to serve their needs. Knowing each staff member well also allowed Joel to help plan and assign tasks that allowed each staff member to use their strengths and collaborate well with the rest of the team. Joel did a great job of helping prepare professional development opportunities during staff meetings for his staff. This led to a lot of personal and professional growth for the entire summer staff team.

Throughout July 2018, Joel assisted with working with 12 different camps and did an outstanding job of keeping work organized. Joel made sure that he always had a detailed list of the work that needed to be completed for each camp and then helped delegate tasks out to his employees. One of the things that I valued most about Joel’s work was his willingness to pitch in and help with tasks that were less “fun” or required a lot of time and effort. Joel did a great job of ensuring all rooms were prepared for camps in a timely manner and that participants had an excellent on-campus experience at TSU. Joel did a great job of developing working relationships with the contacts for each camp, which allowed for open lines of communication to flow back and forth. This made for an excellent work environment and deescalated many situations which could have been much more stressful. Joel also facilitated the placement of microfridge units throughout campus. This was a new task that was assigned to the Housing Intern, and Joel made this process a huge success by ensuring that all information was accurate and organized for the movers.

Joel also worked on some projects during July 2018. In addition to managing the microfridge moving process, Joel helped create an in- depth continuity report for future Housing Interns that included pertinent details about the position and consistent camps. Joel also worked with his staff to deep clean and organization a storage room that was quite a mess. Joel did a great job of keeping his staff positive and engaged throughout this project; the end product is so nice and more user-friendly.

Joel Wilper served as an outstanding Housing Intern during July 2018 and should be the Student Staff Member of the Month for TSU!

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