Month: August 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: University of Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: John Wilson Nominator: Ian Kochevar

On-Campus Population: 9300 Chapter Size: 93

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

When our Graduate Hall Directors return for the Fall, the reality is that they have to hit the ground running. We dive right into their training, then we welcome back and train our undergraduate student staff, and then we fill our residence halls with our amazing students. When you return as a Graduate Hall Director after your first year, we tack on the fact that they have now become a role model for the other staff members.

John Wilson has fulfilled all of this and so much more during his first month back with us here at the University of Florida. Our team was missing some valuable members during the first days of graduate training, and John stepped up well above and beyond what is normally asked of him. He helped get the spaces prepped, checked in to make sure RA transitions were going to be smooth, and began making connections with our RA team even outside of his direct supervision. Furthermore, he served as a positive role model to his peers during training, remaining attentive and focused on the new tools we were working to implement, as well as sharing his insight on pieces that he's worked with the past year.

This same positive, helpful mindset extended to when our resident assistant staff moved into our area. He assisted with New RA Training by helping lead evening sessions and providing best practice suggestions to our teams. He found ways to help his team connect and understand the why behind the tasks that we were having them work on. And he did all of this while continuing to find ways that we can improve, sharing those with his direct supervisor when appropriate. He continued this work throughout the training time, keeping his team motivated, invested, and engaged all the way up to move in.

And this is where John really dove in and proved that he can do truly exceptional work. During every day of move-in, John was positive, engaged, and focused on problem solving anything that came his way. From rooms that needed quick adjustments, to families that had concerns about their students living in triples, to figuring out how to help solve roommate conflicts that had already begun to emerge, John was an absolute all-star during move in. John didn't encounter a problem and find a way to pass it to another person if it wasn't on his "side" of the building, he just worked with that person to help get whatever their primary concern was alleviated. He would provide updates to his supervisor along the way and clued in his RAs for each floor where he addressed a concern, and because of this, the building has been flowing smooth since move in.

No matter what John has addressed or faced in this month, he did so with a smile and an eagerness to help that is unlike anything I've ever seen before. And in doing so, proved that you need not be working towards the student affairs profession as a lifelong goal to have a significant impact during your time. He has given our team so much to look forward to in working with him this coming year, and he did so during what is ostensibly the hardest month of work that we do. For these reasons, John is far and away the standout Student Staff Member for me this month, and I hope you'll see the same.

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