Month: August 2018


Advisor of the Month

School: Ball State University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Brian Stutz Nominator: Bradford Peace

On-Campus Population: 6000 Chapter Size: 60

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Throughout August 2018, Brian Stutz, a new member of the Ball State community, worked extremely hard to learn and grow, while challenging, and empowering students in many roles during the busy move-in and beginning-of-year times.

Brian started as Housing’s Assistant Director for Student Leadership at BSU on August 1st. However, he wasted no time in getting to know many members of the department and students. He advised RHA Executives during their Retreat, assisting with goal-setting, long- term strategic planning, and suggesting they take and discuss personality and leadership quizzes to learn about themselves and peers. He dedicated himself to asking questions, remembering information, and learning how to help the students maximize their experiences within the organization and on BSU’s campus. He consistently arrived early and stayed late to excel in his role.

RHA hosts “Rock the Halls” on the first night of move-in. This year, rain forced a move to plan B, moving inflatables and the movie inside. Brian took charge to problem-solve by finding a last-minute solution and ensuring the event could continue. Brian made calls to facilities and the service contract providers to discuss how the change could best be arranged. In addition, he worked with In-Hall staff to ensure word of the change reached all students promptly and effectively. He led the effort to add “Rock the Halls” to BSU’s programming hub, Benny Link, which informs students of programming and tracks program objectives and participation.

Brian’s advisees on the RHA Executive Board had the challenge of voicing concerns of the Ball State community about maintaining connection to Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, after he made discriminatory remarks. Brian helped the group navigate the line between writing a letter to clearly state their thoughts, and still being tactful and respectful as members of the organization and representatives of on-campus residents.

Brian also oversaw a Summer Bridge Program for incoming students called “Accelerate”. Accelerate brings nearly 200 new students to campus a week before classes start to engage in introductions, campus tours, leadership development trainings, speakers, and organic quality time together. While new, Brian helped to ensure the program ran smoothly and solved many last-minute issues and questions. Brian voiced a willingness to listen and learn from the program coordinators and returning mentors who had input on how the program has and should run. His listening and interest in their perspectives helped to empower them to lead and grow as leaders working as a team and assisting their new mentees.

Finally, Brian and other organization advisors, gave a presentation for the Student Staff members toward the end of training week. Despite it falling early in the morning, Brian was prepared and energetic offering candy as a reward to students who participated in discussion and the students responded. The increased level of engagement could be seen with many students sharing their own experiences in Housing student organizations, and the number of students eager to answer questions.

Throughout August, Brian had many learning moments and one of his most popular phrases was “#new” (which always got a laugh). But “#new” was not an excuse, it was a genuine “I don’t know but I will get back to you” and he showed a great level of care and passion to support students however possible. In his first month advising, Brian showed a remarkable amount of growth and his intentionality, energy, transparency, and supportive leadership made a stressful, change-filled month into a terrific growing and learning opportunity for students throughout the Ball State community. Consequently, Brian Stutz deserves to be recognized as a phenomenal advisor for August 2018.

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