Month: August 2018


Organization of the Month

School: Eastern Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Residence Hall Association Nominator: Megan Corder

On-Campus Population: 3200 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In the month of August, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board at Eastern Illinois University went above and beyond the expectations set for them as a group of student leaders. From a campus-wide program to a presentation to housing staff, they had a busy but successful month of August.

The RHA Executive Board returned to campus for their August training eager and excited for the year. They were prepared with tasks, program ideas, and a plan to have a successful year. One activity that set the tone is that they all took time to put together the reason "why" they joined RHA and want to encourage others to get involved.

They organized some meaningful team building activities for themselves and took time personally delivering linens from On Campus Marketing (OCM) to all of the students who placed orders on campus. They were intentional, hard working, kind, fun, and were quick to get their work done. They provided an above average level of customer service for students, notably bringing linens across campus on Move-In Day to make sure someone got them the day they arrived to campus instead of a few days later when it came through campus mail. They did not complain, they simply buckled down and did the work.

In addition to delivering linens, RHA presented to the incoming Resident Assistant Staff and worked with them to share information about RHA, upcoming programs, and events. They did a great job presenting to a room of their peers and helped highlight information that they felt was most important to share with others.

Following their presentation, RHA Executive Board had a whirlwind week preparing for the year and preparing for the student leaders who will be part of their organization. On Move In Day they passed out water bottles and talked about ways that students could get involved. They also passed out flyers to promote their first program of the year. This program was Comedy Hypnotist Frederick Winters.

This was RHA's 16th time bringing Frederick Winters to campus. This year the RHA Executive Board wanted to go above and beyond to highlight a truly successful event. They had a door prize raffle, a prize for the Resident Assistant who brings the highest percentage of residents, and also promoted the event to everyone they saw.

The turnout for the event was the highest it had been in 16 years. With more than 650 attendees, RHA had an incredibly successful event and kicked off a great start to the year. They were quick to think of solutions when there was a rush of attendees and communicated well during the event to make sure everything was done.

The list of other ways RHA went above and beyond in August continues past these few examples. They put together an incredible plan for the year, delivered OCM Care Packages to students across campus, bonded as a team, created a list of intentional goals, focused on some new initiatives for the year, and planned some team building for their board. They did all of this with a passion for the year and an excitement to give back.

As an advisor it is amazing to see this group work together and prepare for the year. They are focused, intentional, and excited about the work they are doing. I am proud of their work, their focus, their dedication, and their interest in giving back. Sometimes it's easy to forget why they are doing this work, and this board has focused their entire month of August on it. Their effort has truly been "of the month" quality.

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