Month: August 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Sammy Garrett Nominator: Carrie Kucharski

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of August, Sammy Garrett of Truman State University showed immense dedication to Truman’s RHA and NRHH, making her a prime candidate for Executive Board Member of the Month. Sammy is an incredibly hardworking individual, which she has shown in the month of August.

The structure of the Truman RHA and NRHH executive boards is different from most. Our organizations are very closely intertwined - the NRHH president also serving as the RHA vice president. The Bess Truman Chapter of NRHH is very small, and thus does not have an executive board, merely a president. This means that Sammy, through being NRHH president, is the entire executive board for NRHH and also serves as the vice president and a committee chair for RHA. Sammy’s willingness to take on this highly involved position is insurmountable.

Each year, prior to the start of the Fall semester, the RHA executive board moves in early to start work for the year. Since Sammy is also a student staff member and was required to attend the student staff training during the same time the executive board moves in, Sammy made the decision to move back to campus on August 3rd to start work on her NRHH plans. Sammy planned an NRHH social hour for the returning NRHH members. At this event, the chapter made door decs that Sammy had designed and prepared, as well as played introductory games. Sammy has also created a monthly NRHH newsletter for the Bess Truman Chapter, called the Bess Times. This is a great way for Sammy to get out important information regarding NRHH as well as recognizing NRHH members who have gone above and beyond.

The 2018-2019 school year brings significant change for the Bess Chapter. This year, NRHH has passed a new strategic plan that is working to make NRHH a more individual organization. As part of this initiative, NRHH meetings once held in the 20 minute committee meeting time of the RHA meeting are now held at a separate time. This means that Sammy is now head of a separate committee that has no precedent for the structure.

With this Recognition Committee, Sammy is working hard to create a committee dedicated to recognizing underrecognized groups on campus and in the Kirksville community. In this committee, Sammy is leading about 15 students in this endeavor to recognize various groups on campus. The committee is planning on doing this through various initiative, taking on a group for each month of the year. Some examples are publicly announcing the chosen group for each month and why they are deserving of recognition, writing thank you notes, sending gift baskets, etc. The committee will also be working to recognize writers of OTMs. OTMs are such an important recognition tool in and of themselves, however we believe that the writer needs recognition as well for the hard work they put into writing the OTM. The committee will accomplish this through making progressive door decs that will be added to each time the writer writes another OTM.

On top of all the hard work that Sammy is putting in for RHA and NRHH, Sammy is also a student staff member here at Truman. This means that the number of hours Sammy must put in each week for the betterment of the residence and on-campus living is that much greater. Sammy dedicates all her free time to these organizations that are important to her, and ultimately benefit others. For all the hard work that Sammy puts into everything she does, she is more than deserving of Executive Board Member of the Month.

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