Month: August 2018


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Janna Stoskopf Nominator: Megan Swingle

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I am excited to nominate Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) Janna Stoskopf for Institution Faculty/ Staff Of-The-Month for August 2018 at Truman State University. VPSA Stoskopf joined the staff at TSU in January 2018 and since then has started making significant positive impacts on the Truman community. Throughout August 2018, VPSA Stoskopf went above and beyond her assigned duties.

Interim Title IX Coordinator – In July 2018, the previous Title IX Coordinator at TSU accepted a new position which left this position vacant. VPSA Stoskopf recognized the importance of having a consistent contact while a search to fill the position was underway. VPSA Stoskopf filled this role and handled that transition seamlessly. She has done an excellent job of serving the university in this capacity and has ensured that questions and concerns are handled with the utmost care.

Investing In Students – Throughout August 2018 there were several occasions when I saw VPSA Stoskopf invest in the students at TSU. At the end-of-training celebration, VPSA Stoskopf came to speak with the Residence Life Student Staff Members. She was inspiring, encouraging, and compassionate in her delivery to the staff. The staff walked away knowing that they each had her support; I had many staff members express to me that it was apparent that VPSA Stoskopf understood their job and was in their corner should they ever need additional support. Two days later, move-in day was occurring and 1000+ first year students were moving into their new homes. The day was incredibly busy, but VPSA Stoskopf did something that I have never experienced in my 7 years as a Hall Director at TSU. VPSA Stoskopf stopped by each residence hall on campus and spoke to every staff member she could find to check in on how the day was going. She spent time individually speaking to each staff member to hear what they were excited and nervous about for the upcoming year. She was motivating and encouraging in her response. One of my favorite moments from move-in day this year was watching VPSA Stoskopf speak with each staff member and seeing their faces light up as someone outside of the department was encouraging them that day. In addition to talking to staff members, I witnessed VPSA Stoskopf welcome new students and their families, thank volunteers, and lend a helping hand as needed with the move-in day process. This is certainly outside of the realm of anything I have seen happen in previous years and it left me feeling cared about, invested-in, and supported. I know that each staff member that VPSA Stoskopf interacted with felt the same way.

Approachability – VPSA Stoskopf had the opportunity to interact with our new students on several occasions. In each of those interactions she stressed, which genuine care, that students were welcome (and even encouraged) to stop by her office just to say hello and chat. This authentic care has made VPSA Stoskopf someone that students know they can reach out to in times of need. She was present at almost every single event happening during Truman Days, a welcome week type event for our first year students. Students noticed her presence and her willingness to engage with them at events. Finally, on numerous occasions, VPSA Stoskopf could be seen eating meals at on-campus dining locations. This has continued to prove to students that she is willing to meet them where they are to connect.

Throughout August 2018, VPSA Stoskopf has proven her dedication to TSU and its students. For all of these reasons, she should be the Institutional Faculty/Staff Of-The-Month for August 2018.

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