Month: August 2018


Student of the Month

School: Oklahoma State University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Courtney Andrews Nominator: Duncan Mullins

On-Campus Population: 6069 Chapter Size: 40

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Courtney Andrews is an incredibly self-motivated and selfless person. While an introvert normally, she has gone above and beyond her normal comfort zone to build a strong community among the freshmen in her residence hall. She is currently serving as one of the executive members on her residence hall's Board of Directors, which serves a similar purpose to community councils. In this position she has attended multiple community building events such as Open door night the first weekend of the semester, August 14, which is a large social event that involves meeting people from each floor of the hall, and the Prepare to Program conference prior to the start of the semester, around August 7. In addition to these events she also put a great deal of effort into being intentional with her interactions with new residents and continuing to build relationships with returning residents as well as her fellow Board of Directors members. She has frequently followed a group of her fellow directors to eat ice cream at eleven o'clock at night, not through any desire to actually eat ice cream, surprising though this fact is, but through a desire to interact and build deeper relationships with her colleagues. This dedication to her position and building relationships is a hallmark of Courtney's involvement, which was seen last year in the fall when she spent over 30 hours working on homecoming activities for her residence hall, while only serving as an auxiliary executive on the Community Council executive board; meaning she was an assistant director learning under the current director, so this increased commitment will bring with it increased dedication to the organization. Additionally, Courtney is involved in several more on campus organizations, such as her major's professional organization, the American Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers, the Oklahoma State University chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, and the OSU Residence Hall Association. Within NRHH, Courtney has also taken a more active role as she is serving as a mentor for one of the new candidates, to ensure the candidate member is equipped for success and has a mentor to turn to and inquire on any unclear issues during their candidacy, assisting in increasing retention. She has continued this intentional interaction and involvement even after the start of the semester when her class schedule began. She has a rigorous schedule this semester, including 15 hours of STEM (engineering, science and math classes) courses this semester, so the continued level of involvement is more impressive. Courtney is also a person who focuses intensely on her studies and always devotes sufficient time to her class workload as well as her studies to ensure her comprehension of a subject is on pace to grasp all meaningful concepts prior to any sort of examination.

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