Month: August 2018


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Arizona State University-Tempe Region: IACURH
Nominee: Eduardo Gaspar Nominator: Katie Francisco

On-Campus Population: 12000 Chapter Size: 120

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Eduardo Gaspar is a new Community Assistant (CA) this year at Arizona State University (ASU) and, believe it or not, was just hired this summer from the alternate list. Eduardo, who also goes by the nicknames “Eddie” and “G”, has proven in just one month on the job why he deserves to be a CA in the San Pablo Residential Community. Eddie was a bit shy during the first day of CA training but quickly came out of his shell and took ownership in building a strong community on the 3rd floor of San Pablo.

Eddie oversees a floor of 42 first-year residents, most of whom are Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College students. When one of Eddie’s residents moved in on August 9th, three days earlier than the rest of the residents, he ensured they felt connected by inviting them to lunch and showing them around the campus bookstore. This resident is now good friends with Eddie and was recently elected as Vice President for the Community Council with Eddie’s support and guidance. Eddie is a collaborative leader and created a survey for his residents to share their ideas for community building, which Eddie has implemented in the planning of his first floor event. During a roommate mediation meeting on August 24th, two of Eddie’s residents expressed how great of a CA he has been and how they now want to apply to become CAs for next year, even after only living on campus for just two weeks. Eddie goes above and beyond to engage his residents within the community and help them to grow and succeed.

Eddie is a second-year Teachers College student, studying Secondary Education in the pursuit of becoming a math teacher. In addition to being a full-time student and strong CA in his community, Eddie also serves as a Peer Leader for the Teachers College. In his Peer Leader role, Eddie supports first-year students studying education and even teaches one section of an ASU 101 course. After the first class on August 20th did not go as he had hoped, Eddie strategized new tactics to help engage his students, which led to a more successful second class session. Eddie has demonstrated his adaptability and perseverance in both the CA and Peer Leader positions.

The entire San Pablo student staff team have recognized Eddie’s hard work and are continually giving him shout-outs during staff meetings. Eddie is always first to volunteer to help the team, such as covering a duty night when a staff member was sick and helping a fellow CA log their intentional interactions with residents. The San Pablo student staff team is strong, but Eddie makes the team stronger by always setting a good example of engaging residents, taking on additional leadership responsibilities, and connecting with our facilities and maintenance teams. Eddie has built strong relationships with each member of the San Pablo student staff team, which contributes to the overall team’s success.

As a new Community Director as ASU, I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to supervise Eduardo Gaspar this year. On the busy days in August when it was easy to feel bogged down by all the tasks, Eddie’s positive attitude and care for his residents reminded me why I enjoy working with students. Eddie has contributed so much to the San Pablo community in his first month in the position in August 2018, which makes him stand out as the Resident Assistant Of the Month. It is hard to believe that Eduardo was originally on the alternate list, as he has proven his place as a phenomenal Community Assistant.

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