Month: September 2018


First Year Student of the Month

School: Georgia College and State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Jared Bryant Nominator: Dana Maller

On-Campus Population: 2200 Chapter Size: 22

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Jared Bryant is a first year student in Foundation Hall and an excellent candidate for recognition. The effort and thought he has put into his community and the residence halls this month displays his current capacity and future potential as a leader.

Early in September, Jared attended the Leadership Retreat for his position as secretary on Foundation Hall’s Community Council. Not only was Jared an active and enthusiastic participant during this retreat, but he also displayed his ambition and dedication to not only his position specifically as secretary, but also to the Community Council at large. Jared eagerly began to consider and plan out events that his Community Council could put on for Foundation Hall. While some were concerned with ways that residents could interact together and encourage community, others displayed Jared’s true compassion and consideration for other people. For example, one idea that Jared was most excited about was a card-giving program, in which the Community Council would make—not buy—a number of cards meant to encourage mental health and emotional wellbeing for the residents within the hall. Jared wanted to make a card for each resident in the hall and have them delivered to the resident’s door. However, this program is not merely a figment within Jared’s mind. It is currently in the works, with Jared already planning out several cards that he himself wants to make.

Jared further demonstrates his commitment to community through his participation in Foundation Hall programs and his interactions with the RA (Resident Assistant) staff within his residence hall. Jared attends almost every program that occurs in Foundation Hall, and if he cannot stay, he is certain to drop in for at least a few minutes to show his appreciation and see how the program is going. He shows the value in putting on programs in the hall, no matter the quantity of attendance, because there is always someone who appreciates the effort. Additionally, Jared has shown interest in collaborating with RAs on programs and involving himself fully in creating an environment of true collaboration between Community Council as a representation for the residents and RAs as resource for the hall.

More than this, Jared constantly hangs out in the RA Office with not only his RA, but any in the building that happens to be there. He often brings cheerfulness and well-wishes whenever he appears. This helps break down that barrier that can sometimes exist between RAs and residence at the beginning of the academic year and further encourages community. Even further evidence of his natural kindheartedness, Jared created hand-made coasters for the RA Staff, each one unique based on the RA he gave it to. It is clear that Jared cares about the community as a whole through his actions and participation, but also as people as individuals, as he often personalizes his acts of kindness to the recipient.

Further, Jared has also demonstrated interest in further leadership opportunities, such as eventually becoming an RA himself. Given his dedication to the residence hall, the eager experience he is gaining through his Community Council programming and his natural and infectious kindness, it is clear that any residence hall that has his presence can only benefit from it.

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