Month: September 2018


Student of the Month

School: SUNY Buffalo Region: NEACURH
Nominee: Mengqi "Chi Chi" Duan Nominator: Anabelle McDonald

On-Campus Population: 7963 Chapter Size: 21

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Cinderella encourages individuals to “have courage and be kind” in all moments. To truly embody the courage and kindness of Cinderella, an individual needs to be authentic when acting with bravery and providing support to others. Creekside and Flickinger Resident Mengqui “Chi Chi” Duan from the University at Buffalo has embodied kindness and courage in her actions within the community during the month of September.

Chi Chi is a soft-spoken student who frequently attends programs within the Creekside and Flickinger apartment’s community because she genuinely enjoys engaging in community events. Despite being shy and nervous to speak with new people, Chi Chi challenges herself to attend as many community events as possible each month. Chi Chi often asks questions at programs when she wants to learn more about the program theme or topic despite being visibly hesitant to ask for help. Chi Chi stated she tries to attend as many programs as possible to “learn something new” while pursuing her graduate work. Despite her intensive academic program requirements for her masters in nutrition, Chi Chi is motivated to support community programs to showcase her appreciation for the Community Assistant staff and challenge herself to be more social!

During the month of September, Chi Chi showcased immense courage by performing at a program in the community. Chi Chi often comes to programs to support others and while she participates in all activities until this month, Chi Chi had not strove to take on a larger role in a community event. With the community’s loving support, Chi Chi was excited to perform a song at an open mic late night program in the Flickinger Community Building. The Community Assistant facilitating the program stated that Chi Chi came to the program excited to support others and gained the courage while attending to become a performer in the event. Many community members and staff were impressed that Chi Chi gained the confidence and courage this month to perform in for the community since she is more likely to be a quiet supporter of others at programs. Chi Chi’s courage in this moment showcased her growth as a community member for she stepped out of her comfort zone to become further engaged in the community. In this moment, Chi Chi showcased qualities of a role model in the community because she remained her authentic self through showing that all students, including those who are soft- spoken, can be engaged within the community.

Along with the courage Chi Chi displayed this month, she also exhibited kindness as a community member. Her authentic kindness is displayed through each interaction she has with students and staff in the community. During the month of September, Chi Chi eagerly supported Village Council elections by remaining positive throughout the process. Chi Chi was genuinely honored to listen to all the speeches for elections and participate in a ballot process. After the elections, Chi Chi kindly exhibited pride towards the students elected into the council through thanking them for representing the community.

Chi Chi’s caring attitude was also exhibited while attending a cooking program in the community. The event was designed for students to learn how to cook a meal using cheap ingredients. Chi Chi arrived early with a big smile, indicating that she was eager to learn how to cook and help others. Chi Chi took on the role of cooking vegetables at the program and intentionally customized the vegetable combinations for each student at the event based on their preferences.

Chi Chi’s authentic kindness and courage showcases the dedication and pride she has for the Creekside & Flickinger community.

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