Month: September 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Western Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Nathan Simon Nominator: Derek Lahey

On-Campus Population: 4000 Chapter Size: 40

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Nathan Simon is a Junior Law Enforcement major and a Supply Chain Management minor here at Western Illinois University. Nathan is a deliverer for our school newspaper, The Western Courier. He gets up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7am to make sure students on campus can be up-to-date with their current events.

The new school year had also meant a new crew for those who delivered the paper. Unfortunately, The Western Courier had several “employees” not show up to their first early morning shifts. At these moments, Nathan stepped up to the plate and made sure every paper was delivered to its destination on campus. Nathan then used his student involvement to help find several new workers for the paper before the following print day. In a time of struggle for our school paper, Nathan was able to help save the day. September was a very wet month across the nation and that held true here in Macomb, IL. While there were several mornings where it was raining, it did not stop Mr. Simon from deliver the paper. One of the more selfless things I have ever seen a student worker do was of Nathan on one of these rainy mornings. I saw Nathan leave the residence hall early in the morning with his bright yellow rain jacket. Later, as I was walking to class in the rain, I noticed Nathan carrying the rain jacket that he was previously wearing. This was very bizarre to me, because he was walking in the rain and getting soaked when he could be wearing his jacket. Later that night at our Inter-Hall Council Meeting, I asked him about what I had saw earlier that morning. He confirmed that what I had witnessed was true. He did not want to get the papers wet so he put them under the jacket and carried them to their specific locations. He said that students work extremely hard the night before to put the paper together and it his duty to make sure their work gets published. His selfless acts were very inspiring and should not go unnoticed.

Nathan is also a valuable member to the team of delivery drivers for the paper. He uses the knowledge of his Supply Chain minor to help plan efficient logistic routes for not only himself, but all others on the team. He has been able to cut delivery times for all workers by almost 15%. His positivity and knowledge helps motivate the team to get every morning and deliver as quickly as possible.

Nathan works extremely hard for The Western Courier and I believe his efforts should not go unnoticed. As an executive board member of Inter-Hall Council and a past President of Corbin Hall, I believe he is a great representative of a student worker on campus. As a student who reads the newspaper every publishing, I know I can always count on Nathan Simon making sure it will be there.

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