Month: September 2018


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Baldwin-Wallace University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Kristi Brown Nominator: Bob Beyer

On-Campus Population: 1800 Chapter Size: 10

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I have nominated Kristi Brown (Administrative Specialist at Baldwin Wallace University) for an OTM in the past, but I believe the month of September she has been more deserving than ever. Although her title is Administrative Specialist for Residence Life, our department covers Residence Life, Commuter Services, International Student Services, and Student Conduct. Thus, she is keeping four different departments afloat. This past month, Kristi was probably busier than ever because of how crazy openings can be (throw a brand new residence hall into the mix).

To make things even more challenging, six of our nine Hall Directors were new, so Kristi was answering a lot of questions from them, as well as students and parents. Did I mention she was also training a new student desk worker and seven new Lead Resident Assistants who often cover our office?

Kristi is VITAL to our operation for everything she does that we know about, but more importantly, the things we DON'T know about. She regularly stops calls before they get to us by calming down upset parents; she truly has that gift.

Kristi handles most of the work orders that come through our office and you know that number is through the roof at the beginning of a school year. She also worked closely with our campus locksmith with all key orders. Often, Kristi had to step away from the mayhem in our office to help students who locked themselves out of their rooms (which is a higher number than students would want to admit).

Although it is not her main responsibility, Kristi stepped in to assist with room changes. She did some over the summer and continued to do them once our Room Freeze ended.

In addition to all of the work Kristi did during September, she created AND organized the results for a "move-in survey" for our residential students. She created it and we ended up with 450 results. Since the format we used was not ideal for the results we needed, Kristi spent hours upon hours sorting the data and comments into a useful tool for us.

If this work wasn't enough, Kristi spends time working with officials from the US Census to assist with their data collection (which can be a pretty horrible experience since they do not always listen to our recommendations).

Kristi creates such a positive environment in our office, especially during times when the stress can be high. She is quick to ask us how we are doing, share pictures of her awesome dogs, or tell a joke. Her work is not easy, and can be thankless at times, but Kristi comes to work with a smile and really takes care of everyone in our department. In her "spare time" at work, she serves at the "office mom" for the Resident Assistants and maybe a few of the professional staff (I refuse to name names). She's also quick to throw out recommendations for TV shows and recipes when we are looking for those as well.

Kristi is wonderful and I cannot thank her enough for all that she does for us. She really is the heartbeat of the office.

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