Month: September 2018


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Baylor University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Dr. Beth Allison Barr Nominator: Erin Graham

On-Campus Population: 16232 Chapter Size: 19

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Faculty in Residence (FIR) Dr. Beth Allison Barr has made several outstanding contributions to the Allen/ Dawson Residence Hall during the month of September 2018. On Sunday, September 2, 2018, Dr. Barr and her family held a Waffle Sunday event in their apartment, and invited all Allen and Dawson Residents to come. There were between an estimated sixty to seventy residents who attended. Dr. Barr and her family made waffles for the residents, and had custard sundaes for everyone to enjoy. During the event, Dr. Barr provided handouts with study tips for everyone, and as most of the residents in Allen/Dawson are first year students, she also had a handout with the differences between high school and college, and how to navigate the changes. She also held a discussion with the residents and answered their questions regarding the differences between high school and college academics, and how to navigate reading and studying for classes. Dr. Barr made everyone feel welcome in her home, and since then, she has made her home a place where residents can feel comfortable to come to for events or spend time and talk with her. Throughout September, Dr. Barr has taken the time to bake quite a few treats, such as cookies, brownies, or pancakes for Allen/Dawson to put at the front desk for residents who are either studying or who would just like a snack. A few times while I have been in the lobby area studying, Dr. Barr has come out and sat with me and other students and studied or worked on her work for the classes she teaches. She is present at several events in the residence hall, and spends time at the Dawson front desk talking with the Office Assistants (OAs), Community Leaders (CLs/RAs), and residents that are in the front lobby area. Dr. Barr has also baked brownies and opened her and her family's home to watch a NFL football game for students to take a study break one Sunday in the middle of September. She has also partnered with two of the Community Leaders in Allen/Dawson to hold and cook dinners for their respective floors. During September Dr. Barr has stopped by and participated in the Allen/Dawson LEAD LLC Executive Team meeting that is held once a week. She also partnered with the LEAD LLC Program Director, ALlen/Dawson Residence Hall Director (RHD), and Resident Chaplain, Dr. Barr has also worked to encourage registering to vote, as well as promoting the importance of exercising everyone's right to vote in United States government elections. Dr. Barr has been a great addition to the Allen/Dawson Residence Hall. She has made everyone feel welcome, and has gotten to know and build relationships with many of the residents in the hall. Dr. Barr has gone above and beyond her call and work as a Faculty in Residence for Allen/Dawson Hall, and it has only been the first full month of the semester. She has helped foster a caring and loving community within the hall and has shown a great dedication to her work as a professor and Faculty in Residence, as well as Allen/Dawson LEAD LLC's mission to foster leaders within an innovative and caring community.

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