Month: September 2018


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: SUNY Stony Brook Region: NEACURH
Nominee: Daniel Velez Nominator: Adam Gray

On-Campus Population: 10000 Chapter Size: 100

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

There is a famous quote that states "Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person." I truly believe that Daniel Velez has embodied this quote as a Resident Assistant (RA) during the month of September. Daniel was new to the RA position in September but made lasting connections with his residents, helped his residents find resources on campus, and also helped his staff and residents engage with their community.

As a Resident Assistant, Daniel oversees almost 40 residents, the majority of which are first year students in temporarily tripled rooms. Daniel spent countless hours in September getting to know all of his residents on a personal level and understanding what their passions and interests were. Daniel also invited his residents to join him in attending different club meetings on campus such as Circle K and Hall Council. Not only did Daniel’s residents attend meetings with him, they also went on trips and retreats with some of the clubs that Daniel helped introduce them to.

A large amount of Hall Council's attendance each week is from Daniel's floor and this is largely in part due to him going around each Tuesday night to every room on his floor and inviting them to come with him to Hall Council. For the first few weeks of September, Daniel made an effort to personally invite each of his residents to Hall Council and take time to explain the organization to them.

Daniel is also one of our Hall Council Liaisons, he helped to plan, implement, and then train our building’s brand new Executive Board. Daniel has helped the executive board come up with ideas as well as better structure & organize the meetings. As liaison, Daniel also connected his fellow RAs with the executive board and general body members, paving the way for programmatic collaboration and personal connections.

As an RA, Daniel is also responsible for connecting his residents with different resources on campus. On multiple occasions Daniel has helped his residents contact certain office or understand how to navigate Stony Brook University. As students at a large university, residents can often feel overwhelmed by amount of resources available to them and shut down. Daniel has helped his residents find Counseling & Phycological Services, the Career Center, Advising, and many more.

Our building is currently hosting an event that encourages our residents to keep their doors open while in their room and interact with each other on regular basis. Daniel’s floor is doing exceptionally well with this program, and each day Daniel goes around his whole floor to give out stickers to those rooms with their doors open. While he is giving out the stickers, Daniel checks in with each occupant of the room and uses the program as an opportunity to interact with his residents. These small interactions have grown so that when Daniel was creating his bulletin board for the month, his residents volunteered to help and created some of the board and materials with him. This shows how strong of a community Daniel has created on his floor.

Daniel not only excelled at being an RA in September, he embraced the position fully until it became his lifestyle. In a month he learned how to enjoy the position and use his own passions to engage others, something that many RAs take years to fully learn and understand. Daniel not only knows the names of each resident, he understands who they are, where they come from, and most importantly how to help them be successful at Stony Brook University.

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