Month: September 2018


Residential Community of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Ryle Hall 4 South Nominator: Sammy Garrett

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

As the fall semester begins, many residential communities form close bonds. At Truman State University, one tight-knit community has begun to form on the 4 South floor of Ryle Hall. Many residents of the floor spend time in the house lounge and watch movies together. They also find opportunity to spend time with one another outside of the house, and remain supportive of one another. Many members of the floor also attend events put on by Student Advisors. Through these close connections and inclusivity, Ryle Hall 4 South deserves to be recognized as the Residential Community of the month for September.

For the first few weeks of the semester, the 4 South lounge was often vacant. However, after a few residents made cookies to share, the lounge became populated and has remained so ever since. One group of residents has started watching movies on the lounge tv, often inviting others from the house to join. Other times, the lounge is populated with residents talking about their day, laughing about a childhood story, or playing games. The lounge kitchen is often in use and smells of cookies or another baked good that can be shared with the floor. Rather than separating into ‘cliques’, the residents have formed a larger friend group that accepts anyone from the floor to join in on lounge happenings.

One initiative that the Student Advisors on 4 South have begun for this semester is House Dinner. Each Monday at 5pm, the SAs gather in the lounge and go to dinner with residents of the house. Each week in September was been well attended, and always resulted in good conversation. Many of the dinners have consisted of ‘mountains and valleys’ which is a time for residents to talk about positives and negatives of their week. This is a great way for residents to connect and share how they are feeling. Residents also utilize the GroupMe to suggest starting a movie, going to dinner, or asking other residents for resources. Over the month of September, the residents of 4 South have grown close and remained supportive of one another.

In addition to hanging out in the lounge and bonding with one another in other capacities, residents of 4 South have also remained inclusive, and attended events put on by SAs. On September 9th, 4 South SAs put on an event called ‘Pre-K for a Day’ at which residents were able to finger paint, color, watch cartoons, nap, and enjoy snacks. Many residents from 4 South attended the event together and even stayed 1 hour after the event ended just enjoying the atmosphere. The SAs in charge of the event had to ask the group to relocate in order to finish cleaning up. The residents then moved to the 4 South lounge to continue talking. Some of the residents even painted whales and used them to decorate their doors. They also invited others from the house to add their own whale to the collection! The inclusivity and community building expressed by residents has been truly exemplary in September.

The 4 South community in Ryle Hall has shown great strides in growing closer as a community and supporting one another. Through active engagement in the house lounge, attendance at events, and consistently showing support for others, the residents of 4 South have shown dedication to developing themselves. Residents have taken the opportunity and situation of living in close quarters to form bonds and support for one another. For these reasons, the community of Ryle Hall 4 South deserves to be recognized as September 2018 Residential Community of the month.

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