Month: October 2018


Student of the Month

School: Florida State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Stacey Alphonse Nominator: Frankie DiFranco

On-Campus Population: 6700 Chapter Size: 45

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

If I had a nickel for every time that Stacey Alphonse made my time here at Florida State University a pleasant one, I would have enough to cover all the student loans! I am not quite sure how Stacey fits all of her involvement, in a 24 hour day, but she does, and does it fabulously.

Resilience. I first met Stacey as she was running for the President of our Hall Council. She wanted to make a difference within our halls, and she wanted to take the next step as a leader in her community. Although she did not get the position she was seeking, she found her place as a floor representative. In the short month that Stacey has held that position, she has taken the BLG Hall council to the next level. Whether it is coordinating a BLG Dance Marathon team, or being the liaison for all of Hall Council, to the many events that FSU has to offer, Stacey is there to provide the opportunity for herself and others to succeed.

Presentation. She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss. FSU? Stacey has had the opportunity to not only reach students within her own campus community, but on a regional level as well. Stacey had the opportunity to present a program at the SAACURH conference, in which she got to share her own person story on self-love, in order to help those induce self-love on themselves and their community. She not only offered support during the presentation, but made it her mission to have follow-up conversations with those that attended, as we highly stress as follow-up is key to successful programming. Stacey presented herself, and her university well, making those connections, engaging with those from other universities, and assuring that her delegation was succeeding.

Volunteer. Stacey has been the girl on fire this month, in regards to volunteerism. Within our complex she has helped coordinate and volunteer at several programs, both her own, and those of the building staff. Even more impressive, Stacey shined like a star, as she put over 12 hours into the set-up of the University Housing Haunted House. Logging the most hours, Stacey was seen advertising, helping with set-up, acting, and following up with the spooked participants, as she sought to provide the best entertainment experience she could.

Courage. Losing an election can be tough, let alone two. Stacey had the courage to run for the vacant NCC position within our IRHC organization. Hours, the amount of time she went into preparing her speech, and creating a pitch that would make any professional speaker proud. Minutes, the amount of time she spent giving her presentation to the board of directors. Seconds, the amount of time in which she found out she did not get the position. Most importantly...weeks, the amount of time Stacey is, and will continue to pour her heart and soul into the success of our IRHC, and her community. Stacey's courage alone can fill the void of courage for 100 men and women. It take courage to go for something, it takes twice as much, to get back up from a loss, and make a positive meaning out of it.

Stacey continues to impress me each and every day. As a sophomore, she has done more than I have seen most seniors do in a four year span. She is the definition of hard-work and determination, and it shows in all the work she does here at FSU!

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