Month: October 2018


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Marquette University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Dr. John Pustejovsky Nominator: Allison Nadenik

On-Campus Population: 4500 Chapter Size: 45

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I would like to nominate Dr. John Pustejovsky for NRHH Faculty/Staff of the Month. Dr. Pusto (his German students’ affectionate name for him) is one of the most caring and supportive professors Marquette University has to offer its students. Dr. Pusto has lectured here since 1982; he serves as the German major faculty advisor and Fulbright advisor. Although he’s always been an amazing professor, I feel that, for the month of October, he’s especially made an impact on us by going above and beyond his duties.

Dr. Pusto efforts to make us feel comfortable and content in every class. Almost every class period this month, he’s treated us with food from bake sales or vending machines, so we have something to munch on during a movie or discussion. What other way is there to college students’ hearts than through their stomachs? Dr. Pusto is also flexible in his teaching schedule so that we can get the most out of lessons. Before midterms were due, he understood that we all had 4+ midterms. He made the last class before midterms (October 16) a workshop, so we could get whatever we needed done while also being there to answer any questions we might’ve had. He noticed that we were having trouble with German sentence structures on our midterms, so on October 30, he organized a writing boot camp, going back to basics so we could improve our writing skills to create more complex sentences in the future. Everyone enjoyed it because he’s one of few professors that students don’t mind doing tedious work for.

Dr. Pusto also realizes that each student grows independently. He gives individual attention to every one of us, to our goals and needs. He sat down to talk each of us through our midterm papers about our strengths and weaknesses, making sure we knew we had his support. He’s provided me with information, materials, contacts, and great enthusiasm for my unique major and study abroad plans. On October 23, he reassured me for over an hour when I broke down in his office, worrying that my German would never be good enough, and afterward he gave me concrete tasks to help me improve. “Pusto is such an amazing professor. He really cares about his students and he’s made me feel more comfortable about a subject area that I’m not always super confident in,” says student Jessica Brown. Alec Kuhlman adds that he “helps to make everyone feel comfortable and able to grow in their learning. He has a way about him that just makes learning German so much more enjoyable.” Nick Volkers affirmed, “He finds ways to motivate everyone through their interests and passions and relates it to class so that we all feel included… He has influenced me greatly and has taught me more than I could ever ask for.” Just last week, he persuaded Nick (a Digital Media major) to show our film analysis class his short film that he made over the summer, to which every student had great interest in. Everyone actively participated because we were finally able to ask a film director the analytical questions we were learning about, and Nick got a lot of great feedback about the film that he hadn’t anticipated. Our gratitude for Dr. Pusto is insurmountable, as he has added so much to our experiences at Marquette.

I hope you enjoyed reading the amazing things Dr. Pusto has done for Marquette students as much as I enjoyed reaching out to my classmates and typing this up. Thank you for considering Dr. Pusto as Faculty Member OTM of October!

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