Month: October 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: University of California, Santa Barbara Region: PACURH
Nominee: Dylan Lahrs Nominator: Audrey Garcia

On-Campus Population: 8000 Chapter Size: 25

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

It is often said that leadership isn’t just a title, but rather an action and a living example. I truly believe that Dylan Lahrs has exemplified this saying as the Equipment Supervisor for RHA during the month of October. Nearing the fourth week of Fall Quarter, RHA was still in dire need of an equipment supervisor due to an unforeseen resignation within the association. The role of equipment supervisor was known to be difficult as it required exceptional organizational capabilities along with substantial communication skills, and the lack of this essential team member was creating for a heavy backlog of equipment requests that were in urgent need of attention.

Upon being hired, Dylan immediately took charge and began to familiarize himself with the system for approving requests and managing inventory. Without formally receiving job training, he took the initiative to reach out to advisors and other RHA members himself to better understand his role within the association. As the newly hired equipment manager, Dylan oversees and keeps track of equipment for the entire organization. He not only approves requests from internal and external entities, but he also keeps inventory of the vast amounts of equipment located in three different residential locations. As a result, he has spent and continues to spend several hours a week outside of his required office hours and classes- even weekends- organizing and getting equipment ready for programs all around campus.

Additionally, he spends a majority of his free time promptly communicating with resident assistants, club officers, and other programming members of the community concerning event logistics. Regardless of the chaotic and stressful nature of his work, Dylan’s soft-spoken and calm persona shines through within the sense of professionalism that is reflected in his correspondences. As a result, I believe that his collected yet enthusiastic selflessness epitomizes the core values of the organization as whole and serves to inspire those around him, both in and out of the workplace.

Despite the admirable work ethic and encouraging desire to help others that Dylan has shown while holding this position, I think it is important to highlight that Dylan genuinely expresses an authentic and beautiful passion for community involvement regardless of holding a formal job title. In fact, previous to being officially hired, he would kindly volunteer his time helping out at understaffed RHA events or running errands for other programs. Earlier in the month of October, he even volunteered to drive RHA members to an off-campus retreat.

Furthermore, his kindness exceeds RHA engagements in his willingness to always assist those in need of support. Whether it be in regards to work-related equipment information or even in the general sense of daily college life such as homework help, Dylan is the type of person to always lend a helping hand and crack a joke to brighten someone’s day. Not only does this compassionate quality about him demonstrate a suitable aptitude for a position heavily involved in social engagements, but it also emphasizes the fact that, regardless of a formal job title and description, he is always willing to help his fellow students grow, thrive, and succeed in a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

Only within the second week of formally holding this position, Dylan has already become a helpful resource and caring person towards those who have had the privilege of working alongside him. The connections he has made and the friendships he has fostered within the organization are without bound, and I can only imagine the positive impact that his uplifting and charismatic presence will bring for the residents of UCSB as the year continues.

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