Month: October 2018


Spotlight of the Month

School: University of North Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: UNF RLC Delegation Nominator: KAITLYNN ORLANDI

On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 34

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As we all know, the Regional Leadership Conference is an amazing time to meet new people, learn about being student leaders, and bringing back information to home institutions to continue learning and growing. This past RLC on October 19th through the 21st, 2018 the University of North Florida Regional Leadership Conference Delegation took advantage of all of the amazing opportunities, plus one more that I personally feel left a lasting impression on the Regional Leadership Conference attendees this year.

The University of North Florida delegation knew that they had to complete the typical conference preparation, such as completing the digital banner, making a roll call video, collecting swag for swap shop, learning UNF and SAACURH chants, and making clothes pins. The University of North Florida took these tasks on full- force and was ready to make them the best that they could be. With this being said, the University of North Florida delegation put their heads together creatively and came up with an amazing way to make their clothespins something that others would be impacted by each time they traded with a delegate of UNF. The University of North Florida delegation made about 150 clothes pins, some being grey and some being navy blue, as these are UNF's colors. They then wrote "UNF" on one side, but the creativity did not stop there.

Each delegate had 24 clothespins that they were each responsible for making. Each delegate then decided that on one side of their 24 pins, that they would commemorate different awarenesses that they were passionate about spreading more knowledge on. Each delegate indicated beforehand which awareness they wanted to represent. The awareness represented were Suicide Prevention, Diabetes, AVM, Alzheimer's Disease, Breast Cancer, and Domestic Violence. Each delegate had 24 clothespins with a different colored rhinestone that was used to represent their awareness. With the leftover clothespins and rhinestones that they had, they put all of the rhinestones on them and made them their special pins. These clothespins were given to people that made an impact on any of the UNF delegation members.

During the conference, the UNF delegation used this as a means to not only networking and meet new people, but they took this as an opportunity to educate their peers on important topics. Each delegate had done their research on the different awareness and was prepared to inform others when they traded pins. When a delegate came up to someone from UNF, the UNF delegate made sure to inform the person that each delegate's pin were special and meant something different. They then provided them with a few pieces of information, such as "Did you know that 44,000 people commit suicide in America each year"? This then allowed the UNF delegation to have intentional conversations and provide awareness just by starting with the simple act of trading pins.

During the conference, the UNF delegation seemed to make a huge impact on their peers. Not only did their clothespins go very quickly, but many other delegation members made an effort to collect one of each awareness pin so they could collect them all. It was great to see the delegate investing so much into the issues that impact our residential students every year.

Overall, the University of North Florida delegation did an amazing job at networking with others and making an impact at the Regional Leadership Conference. Here at UNF we are very intentional about caring for the wellness of our students, and it was amazing to see the delegation take this initiative out into the SAACURH region, hoping to spread awareness and care.

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