Month: October 2018


First Year Student of the Month

School: Western Illinois University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Elizabeth Walton Nominator: Tea Wheat

On-Campus Population: 4000 Chapter Size: 40

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Elizabeth Walton is a first-year student who resides in Tanner Hall. Elizabeth is always working hard to make a difference in her community. Upon coming to Western Illinois University (WIU), Elizabeth joined 15 organizations, diving head-first into the community of WIU. In addition to these organizations, Elizabeth is in the Military, and she is a full-time Honors student double majoring in Law Enforcement and Fire Protection. In the month of October, Elizabeth has gone above and beyond expectations to build a stronger community both on her floor, the WIU campus, and the Macomb community.

Elizabeth lives on the honors floor in Tanner Hall, and during the month of October Elizabeth was nothing but a positive and encouraging presence in her community. At the beginning of the month Elizabeth outlined the entirety of the bathroom mirror with colorful sticky notes that had positive sayings written on them. Some examples were: “You are beautiful” and “stay positive”. These sticky notes made a very positive impact on the floor, as other community members gave thankful feedback in relation to the sticky notes, many saying that they made their day or that they gave them inspiration. In addition, Elizabeth attended floor programs and gave ideas for new floor programs as well. On the last day of the month, Elizabeth created candy packages for her floor- mates. These packages were carefully pieced together and tied up with ribbon, Elizabeth spent hours making these for her floor-mates. Again, the entire community was thankful for Elizabeth’s contribution and the positivity in the community continues to spread.

Elizabeth has also made a positive impact in the community of WIU through her involvement in her organizations. In the month of October, Elizabeth was elected to be on the executive board of one of her organizations. In addition, Elizabeth volunteered at Hornfield Campus where she helped exponentially with the Hornfield Campus Haunted Maze. She was one of the first things that students and community members saw when they arrived at the maze, and was not only friendly, but also professional and welcoming. Elizabeth’s kind-hearted spirit did not stop at the campus level, but rather extended into the Macomb community, as she also volunteered at a homeless shelter during the month of October. As previously mentioned, Elizabeth is enlisted in the Military, and this month she attended Drill in Kentucky.

Elizabeth has not only exceeded all expectations of a first-year student, but she is exemplary of what a successful student and leader at Western Illinois University looks like. Elizabeth’s hard-work and determination continues to impact not only her floor community, but also the community at Western Illinois University, the town of Macomb, and the Nation.

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