Month: October 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: University of Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Meredith Finley Nominator: Jordan Hansen

On-Campus Population: 6300 Chapter Size: 23

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of October, the strengths of one person on the NRHH executive board stood out as especially essential to the success of our chapter. Through her enthusiasm, dedication to holding others accountable, and genuine care and concern for other chapter members, Meredith’s work helped our executive board and our entire chapter have a successful and enjoyable month. As the Executive Secretary, Meredith Finley made an incredible impact within our chapter, and I believe she deserves to be recognized as Executive Board Member of the Month.

From the first day she took on her position, Meredith has been enthusiastic about making an impact within our chapter, throughout the residence halls, and across campus. However, during the month of October, Meredith was especially eager to not only accomplish her own positional tasks but also help with other projects to allow the chapter to be successful. For example, this year our chapter does not have any executive board members directly responsible for coordinating our marketing and social media. Near the end of September, Meredith met with a professional staff member from University Housing and Dining Marketing to talk about how NRHH can improve our marketing techniques. Throughout the month of October, she began to implement these ideas. She gave our Instagram a complete update to make it more appealing. She also updated the executive board email accounts so our branding is consistent. Meredith’s enthusiasm to take on projects like this that are outside her position description has been a huge help to our executive board.

In addition to an enthusiasm to take on tasks beyond her position, Meredith is extremely dedicated to holding others accountable. In the past, our chapter has had expectations for attendance and participation, but we have struggled to communicate and enforce them. During October, Meredith helped me update the chapter member expectations in the constitution so that they are extremely clear. She also sent out emails to each chapter member who has not been meeting expectations to remind them of the expectations and let them know that they could reach out to her if they have any questions. Lastly, Meredith has done an incredible job helping us set better standards for accountability this year. Throughout the month of October she has really begun to implement new attendance sheets for chapter meetings and service events so that we have accurate records of attendance.

Finally, Meredith deserves to be recognized for her work throughout the month of October because she has shown so much genuine care and concern for every member of our chapter. Specifically, Meredith has done a great job connecting with our new candidate members. She had a great idea that we should reach out to everyone who has shown interest in our organization, so she took the initiative to email every person who has shown interest in joining NRHH and personally invited them to join us for a chapter meeting. This effort to connect with new members has really helped us engage with some of our new candidate members, and I think that Meredith’s efforts really made them feel included and valued in the chapter.

Overall, Meredith’s actions throughout the month of October were essential to the success of our NRHH executive board. Without her willingness to go above and beyond her positional responsibilities, the NRHH experience would not have been nearly as successful or enjoyable for the rest of our NRHH chapter. I am so thankful that Meredith is a member of our executive board, and I hope you will join me in recognizing her as Executive Board Member of the Month.

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