Month: October 2018


Residential Community of the Month

School: Southern Methodist University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Loyd Commons Nominator: Ty Krueger

On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 34

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

October was quite the busy month for Loyd Commons. It was a month of continued traditions, but also a months of successful firsts.

The Loyd Purpose Committee continued their monthly TEDxTuesday on the first Tuesday of October. They continued their incorporation of diversity and social justice to the dinner discussion. This round featured a TED Talk called "Why we protest" discussing Colin Kaepernick and the impact of his efforts. The discussion enabled people on both sides of the conversation to share their views free of judgement in safe environment.

The Responsibility Committee coordinated the second annual Loyd Feeds the City in which students from across campus were invited to come and make sandwiches for the homeless. The committee this year set a goal to make 1500 sandwiches, which was 500 more than the previous year. The 1500 sandwiches were made for a local shelter and delivered after all the sandwiches were made.

The Creativity Committee recruited numerous performers for the fourth annual Loyd Live show. The event allows residents to showcase a variety of talents for the community. This year they opened it up to the entire quad. The event is always a big hit and one faculty member from another community how jealous she was of the event and how much she loved the ambience it created.

A new event that was introduced in October was Floor Games. Floor Games is a inter-floor event to encourage comradry and friendly competition between the five floors. Each of the five Loyd Committees signed up for a floor for which they created a series of activities for floor teams to compete. The Responsibility Committee also added in a fundraising aspect to the event - each floor competed to raise the most money for Relay for Life and in total ended up raising $250. The event has already received a lot of great feedback from residents and it is sure to make a return next year to become an annual tradition.

Another new initiative that was implemented was Camp Fire Chats. The idea came about from one of the RAs Strategic Planning initiatives to help increase social interaction in a safe, low pressure environment. The Camp Fire Chats also served to help residents get to know their Council Executives, Peer Leaders, and RAs better as each of the Leadership Team members signed up to attend several of the chats. The community purchased s'more makers that are fire safe. Residents were invited to come sit around the "fire" and make s'mores together. The chats were so successful at the beginning of the month that two more weeks were scheduled for the Camp Fire Chats to occur again this semester, one at the end of October and one for November.

One of the biggest undertakings in October for Loyd was Homecoming. Loyd has participated in homecoming since we began in August 2014. However, the new aspect this year was that we participated in every event even having Homecoming Candidates. Loyd partner with another community to help share the workload of participating in each event. There were six aspects of Homecoming this year including mascot decorating, banner decorating, field day, service day, social media competition, and parade participation. The Friendship Committee worked hard to complete every aspect of the event and even picked up the slack when the other community face some internal struggles that limited their ability to fully participate.

We face many challenges in October. With the hard work and dedication of the community and leadership team, the month was truly a success.

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