Month: October 2018


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Region: IACURH
Nominee: Eric Morrow Nominator: Cody Grunwald

On-Campus Population: 1700 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Eric Morrow has served our institution collectively for over 10 years and within the past month has shown us just how lucky we are to still have him working alongside everyone here at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I’d like to take a moment to touch on some of the things Eric has done this past month before expanding upon them: Throughout October Eric has promoted his staff’s growth through involvement with a campus recreational event, stepped up to advise a National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) meeting, promoted philanthropic engagement, and headed the annual community give-back event “Boo Bash”.

Oozeball is an annual campus recreation event where our intramural field gets turned into mud volleyball pits for teams to compete. Eric’s guidance on our staff led to our Resident Assistants forming a team. Not only did this event serve to grow the communal family amongst our staff, it also served as a way for our housing family to get to know Eric’s family a bit more. On October 5th, when Oozeball occurred, Eric’s niece was visiting Las Vegas and came to campus for a tour. Eric brought his niece to the Oozeball games to help cheer on our staff and to show her the kind of fun that occurs at a four-year university. Being able to see our staff interact with each other in more unique ways and to get to see another side of Eric was something we all enjoyed that day.

Aside from helping our staff grow, Eric has also stepped up to assist the efforts of our NRHH chapter during the month of October. When our chapter’s advisor was out of town for a conference, NRHH needed a temporary advisor for their weekly meeting. When the NRHH president asked if anyone would be able to step in, Eric graciously agreed to help even though it was only a two- day notice. In addition to helping advise meetings, Eric promoted NRHH’s charity efforts with the sock drive they held in support of the IACURH conference. When the drive began, Eric encouraged every member of our staff to donate and stated that there would be a pack of socks donated for every member of our staff, even if Eric had to use his personal funds to do so. While there certainly were members of our 18-person staff who contributed to the cause, Eric ended up spending around $80 of his own money to forward the efforts of NRHH and IACURH.

When Eric wasn’t purchasing socks for the IACURH philanthropy, he was heading the Boo Bash committee. Boo Bash is an annual event where local children from low-income neighborhoods can come to our campus to gain a traditional Halloween experience by going through a Magical Maze (consisting of 15 different themed pods) and participate in activities led by student organizations. Throughout October, three meetings were held amongst the committee to plan the event and thanks to everyone’s efforts Boo Bash served over 250 local children. Furthermore, thanks to Eric’s experience hosting this event, the set-up and clean-up was smooth and stress-less. Did I mention that when we ran out of candy mid-event, Eric left to go purchase more to continue providing the best experience for the children? Cause he did!

In conclusion, Eric Morrow is a wonderful team player, a great staff mentor, and an individual that talks about the importance of service and displays it through his actions. Eric’s actions over the past month have had a positive impact on our staff team, our NRHH chapter, and the children of Las Vegas and that’s something that deserves recognition.

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