Month: November 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: University of Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Spencer Owen Nominator: Cassandra Williams

On-Campus Population: 6300 Chapter Size: 23

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

It is with admiration and appreciation that I nominate Spencer Owen from the University of Iowa for the Student Staff Member of the month of November. As a freshman senator on the OSCAR hall association executive board, Spencer would undoubtedly be considered a leader who has consistently gone above and beyond and thus made an outstanding impact in the residence halls.

On November 13, the programming directors from each residence hall held an event called the Fall Funfair from 6-9 pm. The programmers were expected to be there at 5:30 pm to begin setting up. When I arrived a bit before 5:30 to begin helping them set up, the programmers were there, eager to begin. However, I also noticed Spencer quietly and diligently working on the sound equipment up on the stage. The event would be featuring a live improvisational show later in the night, and Spencer, a senator, was excited to be there helping. Evidently, one of the programmers from his hall association had called him to ask for his help in setting up the stage, and he quickly rushed over to help out in any way he could. Spencer knew exactly what to do and worked briskly and carefully to set the stage up, and he even ended up staying for the whole event, periodically checking the sound system throughout the night to make sure everything continued working the way it should. At the end of the night, Spencer stayed to help the programmers clean up after the event, which is not a part of his senator role. This distinguished leader put his absolute best effort into helping others, which is just one of the reasons supporting his nomination for the Student Staff Member of November.

Each Monday night, I sit next to Spencer in the senate meetings, where he serves as an active and engaged senator. Spencer always makes sure he is fostering a welcoming and energized atmosphere no matter where he is or what he is doing, including during senate meetings. He focuses and brings ideas to the table for his fellow senators to discuss, as well as listening to other senators’ thoughts, questions, and ideas. Spencer is the exemplar model of a devoted, kind, and lively leader!

Spencer is a part of the OSCAR hall association, and I am happy to have the opportunity to serve as a liaison to this group of leaders. Each time I attend, I am pleasantly surprised by Spencer’s preparedness and positivity, not to mention his genuine appreciation of everyone in the room. During the most recent meeting I attended, Spencer excitedly shared his ideas about creating a crest for his residence hall. The OSCAR hall association is comprised of two residence halls on campus that are connected: Currier and Stanley. Currier is an older building on campus and is connected to Stanley, which is a newer building on campus. Spencer was excited about the challenge of creating a crest that looked traditional but also modern so as to equally represent both residence halls. When approaching and presenting the idea, he brought energy to the room, and the rest of his hall association began to display excitement as well. Some even said they considered him the “Historian” as well as a senator. Spencer laughed and continued on with a plan to put the plan into action since everyone was on board.

I, along with many others in Spencer’s hall association and throughout campus, greatly appreciate Spencer’s motivation, work ethic, kindness, and energy. For these reasons, I am extremely pleased to nominate Spencer Owen for the Student Staff Member of November.

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