Month: November 2018


Residential Community of the Month

School: NC State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: North Hall Nominator: Samuel Sanger

On-Campus Population: 8500 Chapter Size: 85

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of November, North Hall has excelled as a residential community. From diverse and fun RA programs, a Hall Council that has planned large community events, and overall usage of community spaces, North has done it all. All aspects of the hall have been in sync and collaboration between different groups has created an incredible residential experience.

North Hall is blessed to have large social spaces inside the hall, including the MerryMonk lounge which takes up most of the 6th floor and offers a vast space for studying, watching tv, playing pool / ping pong, and even a kitchen for cooking. On any given night, there is always a group of people sitting around the tv watching a movie, and a group of people participating in a study group. I’ve had multiple times this month where I walk up to fill my water bottle at 1am, and find groups in both study rooms, and various groups scattered throughout the MerryMonk engaging in conversations and activities with each other. In particular, there’s a dungeons and dragons group that can be found laughing and playing once a week.

The North Hall RA’s truly outdid themselves in terms of programming this month, and their marketing flyers were easily accessible to residents. The programs were both creative and engaging, including an Office Themed diversity program and a Mario Kart program centered around challenging residents to beat RA Jacob Britt. They took the existing ideas of diversity programming and social programming, and added unique aspects to them that made the programs more engaging for residents. They also held two stress relief programs, one which included donuts. Plus two educational programs to teach residents study techniques and interpersonal skills.

November was a month that truly highlighted the capabilities of the North Hall Council, and the residential experience that is unique to North Hall. North held its annual “North Feast” Thanksgiving event that Hall Council and RA’s collaborate on for a full day event. Cooking and group bonding began early Sunday morning, and carried on throughout the day until the programs start time at 6. The kitchen was packed with people cooking, and the MerryMonk Lounge was packed with people eating, all having a merry time taking in the event. The event was large enough that two IRC Vice Presidents came up to North just to experience the atmosphere. RA Syon Chand was a cheerful face to welcome people to the program, and Residence Director Crystal Thibodeaux personally checked people in and engaged with all the residents in attendance.

The North Hall community is also well represented at IRC (Inter-Residence Hall) and PAC (Program Allocation Committee) meetings. Caroline Elliott has made sure that North was represented at IRC for every meeting in November, and when she couldn't attend, the proper steps were taken for Josh Reyes to attend. Many other halls were able to benefit from hearing about North Feast preparations, and given ideas for holding their own Thanksgiving events. Jacob Lewis has been the representative at PAC and received positive remarks from the IRC VP of Finance for his insights and willingness to participate in discussions. These representatives have ensured that the residents of North Hall have a voice in the North Carolina State Community, and succeeded at building relationships with other residence halls.

I’m incredibly thankful to live at North Hall, and this sentiment is shared by everyone I’ve talked to. The space and the things in the hall are great, but it’s the people, and the dedication by all the staff members that make it a truly incredible residential community.

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