Month: November 2018


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Southern Methodist University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Lucas Rhamy Nominator: Sarah Ballman

On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 34

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Lucas is a second year Resident Assistant in Cockrell-McIntosh Commons. He has always been fantastic on designing and implementing programming, connecting with residents, and supporting his fellow staff members. In all, he is everything that you could ask for in a Resident Assistant. During RA training this year we covered suicide prevention, during this session Lucas made the comment "I don't know if I would be any good at helping someone who was in this mindset, I hope I don't have to deal with this this year"...well this past month he had to deal with a very complex and serious suicide attempt. Not only did Lucas navigate the situation, he went above and beyond what is required in his RA role to help the student in crisis and the residents of his floor.

It was the middle of a Sunday afternoon when a group of residents in Cockrell- McIntosh reached out to Lucas, who was neither on call nor the RA on the floor, to say that they were worried about their friend that had left a concerning note and couldn't be found. Lucas immediately returned from where he was on campus and started the RA suicide protocol. He called the pro-staff member on call and SMUPD to let them know that there was a student in crisis that couldn't be found. He shared all the information with SMUPD and they started their investigation into trying to locate the resident. He reassured the residents in the building that were worried about their friend that SMUPD was on the case and they were working with the student's parents to locate the resident. At this point his role as an RA was done. He followed protocol, checked in with all the residents that were involved, and kept giving SMUPD information as it became available.

However, Lucas felt like he needed to do more, as a human, to try and help his fellow SMU student. Based on the limited information that was available it seemed that the student in crisis was in South Dallas. Lucas decided that he would go drive down there and see if he could find the student, even if it was a long shot. Even though the police were already in the process, Lucas knew that the area they were searching was large and he wanted to help. So, going above and beyond, Lucas headed to the south side of Dallas. After driving up and down streets for about 20 minutes he found the resident passed out on the side of a street. Lucas, immediately called 911 and paramedics were there within minutes to help the student.

Now that the student was safe, Lucas went back to campus and stayed with the other residents that were worried about their friend. This situation turned out extremely well, the student was found and was able to get medical attention. I truly believe that Lucas was 100% responsible for this happening in a timely manner. His ability to follow protocol, comfort residents, and his drive to go above and beyond to help his fellow SMU student makes him more than deserving of this award. Once the student that was in crisis returned to the Cockrell-McIntosh community, Lucas continues to make sure that the student is welcomed and that he knows his resources on campus and off. Lucas's dedication to his residents and his drive to go above and beyond his role of an RA, in my opinion, saved a life this last month.

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