Month: November 2018


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: University of Arkansas Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Dennis Cozine Nominator: Natalie Friend

On-Campus Population: 5700 Chapter Size: 45

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Dennis Cozine has worked for the University of Arkansas Housing Department as a security rover for 6 years. Every night Mr. Cozine checks all University Housing facilities and property and reports any issues he finds, as needed, to the Housing Service Center Dispatch, his supervisor, full-time housing staff, or university police. Over the course of his tenure here at the University, he has been outstanding in his role. He is regular, reliable, and dependable. Rain or shine, Mr. Cozine‘s patrol of campus on foot ensures the security of not only all University Housing facilities, or property, but the residential and student population. His work protects students from vulnerable equipment to unauthorized persons and suspicious activities.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Cozine for over a year. As a Conference Ambassador and then a Resident Assistant, I have worked desk shifts across campus at all times of day and night – his late-night appearance on rounds soon became an event I looked forward to. Mr. Cozine, while steadfastly dedicated to his rounds and conscious of the remaining time and ground he had to cover, would always make sure to stop for a brief chat with myself and the other student employees he came across. His kindness and genuine concern for student safety has forever been evident. While not in his job description, he has worked hard to develop deeper relationships with the students he protects. His friendly and engaging conversation, however brief, has been a transformational highlight of many long and usually monotonous night shifts.

While sometimes months would go by before we chanced a meeting, Mr. Cozine never forgot my name or who I was. He works hard to know each and every student that he meets - however, not many know him. Most who benefit from his diligent work don’t even know who he is, what he does, or the effort he goes to. Mr. Cozine did not pick this job for its glamour or glory, but is motivated by a greater desire to contribute to the campus ad to protect the students who live here. I absolutely believe Mr. Cozine deserves greater recognition for the diligent work he does to benefit the residential community every night.

In November, rumors about suspicious figures became rampant across campus. Amongst stress and paranoia, Mr. Cozine continued his diligent work to maintain student safety. Even when misinformed students blamed or harassed him, he maintained his sense of professionalism and duty. His concern was, and always has been, the continuing safeguarding of this campus and its students.

Mr. Cozine has worked to maintain this campus when nearly all employees are at home and in bed. He reports for duty no matter the conditions. In my time knowing him, I have seen Mr. Cozine patrol through suffocating heat, vicious thunderstorms, and freezing cold temperatures. I have seen him wring the water from his hat and jacket, smiling, and ask me how my day has been. His ability to create and maintain collegial, harmonious working relationships with the students is appreciated by not only myself, the but the entire community he works with and for, whether they realize it or not. His rain-or-shine work has kept students safe from an untold number of dangers. I know that I have felt safer knowing he is out working to maintain my security and that of my residents. Whether the residential community knows it or not, they have much to thank him for. His endless collection of stories, both predictable and unexpected, humorous and heart wrenching, attest to that.

Thank you, Mr. Cozine.

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