Month: November 2018


Advisor of the Month

School: University of Hawai`i at Manoa Region: PACURH
Nominee: Winfield Ye Nominator: Kimberly Ogata

On-Campus Population: 3,450 Chapter Size: 34

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Winfield Ye, also known as Win, is the current Residence Hall Association (RHA) Advisor at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM). In the month of November, his caring nature and unforgiving optimism made him stand out as a truly exceptional advisor.

This year, Win accompanied the UHM delegation to the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC), from November 9th to the 11th. Throughout the conference, Win went out of his way to ensure that each person on the delegation was comfortable, energized, and healthy. When the delegation flew into Los Angeles on the morning of November 9th, they were greeted by Win at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Win gave each delegate a small bag full of snacks for the weekend, along with a personalized card thanking each delegate and expressing his appreciation for them. Win also lead a personalized tour through UCLA, which not only helped the delegates become familiar with the conference buildings but also kick-started their enthusiasm for the upcoming spirit challenges.

After this tour the delegates were supposed to check in to the campus hotel so they could get situated before the conference began, but there were some issues with the hotel and the delegates were not able to check in on time. Because of this, the delegation had to wait in the hotel lobby for several hours longer than previously expected. Many of the delegates were not only tired from the red eye flights of the previous night, but also hungry because it was long past lunch. Win went out of his way to ask what everyone wanted to eat and went downtown to buy the delegation food, refusing to let his delegates go hungry while they waited for an indefinite amount of time. In this case, it would have been easy for Win to just be tired and annoyed with the hotel, but instead of just sitting around and complaining Win took action, committed to the comfort and health of his delegates.

On the last day of the conference, members of the delegation were tired from the events of the conference, with several even falling asleep in their chairs during the closing ceremony. Recognizing this, Win stepped out of the room and bought iced coffees for the delegates. This small yet impactful instance is an example of how attentive Win is to the delegates' needs. When he recognizes that others are not feeling their best, he goes the extra mile in order to help them feel better so they can perform their best. It is evident that Win prioritizes the health and well-being of others above anything else. Throughout the conference Win never failed to show his appreciation for others, bring smiles to others, and shamelessly starting the “R-O-C-K! You rock! You rock!” cheer to recognize the hardworking individuals.

Simply put, Win's positivity is infectious. He inspired the UHM delegation to continue striving for the spirit award, even when it looked like they had lost it on the second day. In the end, it was because of Win's encouragement and push in the right direction that the UHM delegation won the Spirit Stick, the conference’s highly coveted spirit award. If asked about it, Win will insist that it was all thanks to the hard work of the delegation. As he always says, "it's never about me, it's about you all (the delegation)." His humbleness knows no bounds. Although he will not admit it, the delegation would never have won the spirit award without him. Through his optimism and care for his delegates, Win was able to boost morale even in the worst times.

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