Month: December 2018


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Virginia Tech Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Leandra (Lea) Neumann Nominator: Erin Coiley

On-Campus Population: 10000 Chapter Size: 100

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Leandra (Lea) Neumann, served in her first year as a Resident Advisor in Pritchard Hall. This year, though she has a new group of residents, she has remained connected to several of her residents from the previous year. One of the residents Lea has stayed connected to has continued to live in Pritchard Hall this year. Throughout the year, Lea has supported this resident through a variety of hardships such as with her relationships, mental health, family issues, etc. Toward the end of the semester, Lea learned that the resident would be transferring to another institution starting in the Spring of 2019 because her parents no longer wanted her to be at Virginia Tech.

As the resident wrapped up her semester, she closed out her room and left the university. Her parents took her out to her new institution in Texas so she could get settled. In mid-December, the resident contacted Lea to share her experience at her new institution. She was seemingly unhappy and did not feel as if her personality fit the students who she was connecting to in her sorority. Additionally, she did not feel like she belonged at the institution, so she told Lea she wanted to return to Virginia Tech. In sharing this, the resident also shared that her parents were not going to support her decision to return to the institution and therefore would be cutting her off financially. This left the resident unsure of what to do and stuck in Texas with no way to return to Virginia.

Immediately, Lea reached out to me (one of her supervisors for the Resident Advisor role) to ask how we might be able to support the resident in returning to Virginia Tech. I asked that Lea have the resident reach out to me so I could speak with her about her situation. After talking with the student, we were able to get her connected to the central housing office for her room assignment, the Dean of Students Office, Financial Aid, the Registrar’s Office, etc. After getting the resident connected to a few resources to get her re- enrolled at the institution, Lea was still concerned about getting the resident physically back to Virginia Tech given the lack of financial support from her family. On her own, Lea then went to speak with the Program Director for the living learning community in which the resident had lived. Laura, the Program Director, talked with Lea about a few scholarships the resident might consider.

After speaking with Laura, Lea then returned to my office with an idea. Lea and her mother had recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, and they had a spare bedroom. Lea had contacted her mother and after explaining the resident’s situation, asked if the resident could possibly stay with them temporarily. Happily, Lea’s mother agreed and offered to help pay for the resident’s transportation back to Virginia. Typically, Resident Advisors are not allowed to transport residents or allow them to stay with them and despite this, Lea’s efforts should not go unnoticed. Not only has Lea maintained a relationship with this resident this year, but during the month of December, she has gone above and beyond to help the resident re-connect to the institution. For going the extra mile in her role, Lea is deserving of recognition as the Resident Assistant of the Month for the month of December.

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