Month: December 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Ball State University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Alyssa Gowan Nominator: Bradford Peace

On-Campus Population: 6000 Chapter Size: 60

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Alyssa Gowan serves as the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Activities Director for Ball State University. Alyssa’s role encapsulates the planning and execution of passive and active programs for the residence hall community on behalf of RHA. During the quick but hectic month of December 2018, Alyssa consistently went above and beyond to deliver outstanding programs for students in the days leading up to finals, she provided terrific insights for the RHA Executive Board discussions, and she was a phenomenal leader for her Programming Committee.

Alyssa’s first task for the month was tracking down and delivering prizes to the winners of RHA’s annual “Crib Contest”. The contest ended in late November and encouraged residents to decorate their room or apartment and post the picture on social media, tagging RHA. After the contest, Alyssa acquired prizes for the winners and connected with the top vote-getters from the competition to award them RHA swag and other prizes. Alyssa was able to conclude the contest by appreciating the participants, recognizing the winners, and generating positive publicity for RHA, allowing the organization to connect with residents and further RHA’s mission.

Alyssa’s main project of the month was RHA’s second-largest annual event, Holiday Bash. Holiday Bash occurs the Thursday night before finals and provides a festive, holiday-inclusive atmosphere for students to socialize and relax prior to their extended studies. Leading up to the event, Alyssa coordinated the designing and purchasing of the popular “Ugly Sweater”, long-sleeve, holiday shirts, along with the acquisition of food and decorations. During the hours of the event, Alyssa helped keep RHA Representatives engaged by providing manageable tasks and checking up on everyone to ensure they were in a position to be successful and also enjoy the event.

During this busy time, Alyssa organized a second major event in the final week of the semester. RHA hosted an Escape Room event on the Saturday before finals week. This event offered students an afternoon off-campus at a local escape room at no out-of-pocket cost. Alyssa, in coordination with her advisor, worked with Transportation Services on campus, as well as Legal Services to complete the necessary paperwork and procedures to offer transportation to and from the escape room. Additionally, Alyssa discussed a fiscally-responsible arrangement with the escape room allowing RHA to reserve all of the rooms but only pay for the number of students who actually showed up. Her efforts saved about $250 as a few students did not attend after signing up.

Finally, Alyssa’s leadership is apparent as she puts in the behind-the- scenes work to make RHA’s programming successful. She meets regularly with the Public Relations Director and Vice President of Programming to ensure they are all on the same page about what lies ahead. Additionally, she empowers her Programming Committee to be a part of the planning process and delegates effectively during setup, tear down, and during the actual events. As the semester closed, she began looking into tactics to improve programming and RHA’s visibility into the future, showing a long-term vision to best serve residents.

Ball State had one week of classes and one week of finals during December 2018, creating a difficult set of circumstances to be an effective RHA Executive Board Member with all of the other pressing issues of wrapping up classes and preparing for Winter Break. However, she not only met expectations but she did everything in her power to ensure both of RHA’s December programs were successful. In appreciation of her outstanding and selfless work during a challenging month, Alyssa Gowan should be recognized as the Executive Board Member of the Month for December 2018.

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