Month: December 2018


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Dorrian Christian Nominator: Noah Stevenson

On-Campus Population: 4200 Chapter Size: 42

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In University Housing there are many moving pieces to help make sure our residents receive the best possible experience during there time here. Many of the parts of the massive housing machine are behind the scenes. The individuals in these spots do many long hours of tough and dirty work. To make sure that our Residence Halls are cleaned and looking ready for our residents anytime of the year the custodians work very hard and very long hours. They are here early in the morning starting to clean the bathrooms, common areas, bathrooms during break, etc. They work and clean many things that residents don’t see, and that many Housing employees don’t see. There work is sometimes unnoticed among people. Even though at times they may be unnoticed these individuals still continue with there work and are happy to see and hear when residents talk about how they are glad there Residence Hall isn’t dirty. One of these amazing individuals is Dorrian Christian.

Dorrian is a custodian in Riverview Residence Hall. He is on a team of two custodians for a building that currently has almost 200 residents, and constantly has visiting conferences coming and going that vary in size of 40 people to 150 people or sometimes more. Dorrian and his co-custodian have to go in to clean these rooms as soon as a conference leaves before the next set of guests or residents arrive. Dorrian works with cleaning and giving linens for guests as they stay with us. He works with the trash compactor and making sure that the trash rooms and trash shoot are cleaned and clear of any big objects. When working on these projects he knows that what he does it for the best of the residents in Riverview, and for potential new residents as they tour the building.

When potential issues may arise concerning things such as trash rooms or dirty things left in kitchens, Dorrian always make sure to bring it up with the RAs in Riverview to make sure that we know how to best help the custodians. He informs the RAs of these types of things because he wants to make sure that the residents understand how to clean things, because these dirty things effect them and other residents. When it comes to leaving for break or a weekend, if there is an event going on in Riverview, Dorrian makes sure that supplies are left for the RAs to use to help clean up and maintain the event. He will make sure that trash cans and extra trash bags are left so it is easier for the RAs to clean up and helps make sure that everyone is helping to make sure Riverview is clean.

Dorrian is a wonderful and kind person to work with. He always makes sure that residents, conference members, and Housing staff have the assistance that they need. Even if its been a long day he makes sure to stop by the office and say hi and to talk about the day. He is always open for residents to talk to and ask questions. Dorrian is always looking out for the residents and conference members to have the best possible experience they can have while staying in Riverview Residence Hall

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