Month: December 2018


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Haley Zangl Nominator: Emily Trific

On-Campus Population: 4200 Chapter Size: 42

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

This quote by Charles Dickens perfectly sums up how Haley Zangl has helped me during the month of December. During this past month, Haley has been the Residence Professional Staff on Duty (RPSOD) during all of the urgent incidents I have dealt with as a Resident Assistant. Although there is always a Professional Staff Member on Duty that has to respond to certain incidents after being called by a staff member, Haley has encountered many different types of incidents this month and has guided me (and the residents) through each one. I did not know Haley much before the month of December, but little did I know I would be leaving for winter break feeling so impacted by Haley Zangl.

December began with my resident having a mental health emergency. The stress of finals had gotten to my resident to the point of panic and then an attempt to end the panic. I knew immediately that I would need to call RPSOD Haley and UWM Police, but I was extremely nervous for the time I had with the resident before the help arrived. As soon as I saw Haley, I knew she would be able to ask my resident the right questions to help them get all of the help they needed. I was extremely shaken up from what just happened and Haley offered to talk through my feelings afterwards. I am so grateful Haley was there for me and my resident during this tough situation.

What would an RPSOD shift be if there was not a call in the middle of the night? As I was about to go to sleep on a Tuesday night during finals, my resident emailed me about his vomiting, over- intoxicated roommate. I notified the Resident Assistants on duty and they called RPSOD. As I showed up to the suite, I saw Haley and had to immediately apologize for my resident. We laughed, as we had encountered each other in situations within a week of each other. This situation was handled by UWM Police and the Security staff, along with some help from the RAs on duty, so I was there as a bystander. Haley and I chatted in the hallway while we listened to what was going on in the suite. We were hearing some things that one could not help but laugh at, around 12:30 in morning. The craziness that residents put us through never fails to make us giggle, just a little bit. I felt bad that Haley was called to another incident on my floor but she reassured me that it was absolutely no problem and that she was happy to be there. She never seemed annoyed, although it was late, and she made it easier to be in the presence of this aggressive and intense incident.

Lastly, Haley responded to another incident two days later where myself and another RA encountered a suspicious smell while on duty tour. Again, I felt so bad for having to call RPSOD Haley, but we laughed as we ended up running into each other for the third time within 10 days. Haley stuck around afterwards to help us with the incident report (IR), which only a couple Professional Staff members have done in my two years of working for University Housing. Writing the IR was painful at this time of night (midnight-2am) but Haley lightened the mood so effortlessly. That’s what Haley always does in any situation. She consistently goes out of her way to help others.

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