Month: December 2018


Organization of the Month

School: Rutgers University- New Brunswick Campus Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Livingston Residential Council Nominator: Nicholas Lee

On-Campus Population: 16000 Chapter Size: 60

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

“Though they are but small, they are mighty.” This quote can best be said about to the Livingston Residential Council. Every campus at Rutgers has a Residential Council whose main focus is large-scale programming for those campus’ residents. Each Residential Council is made up of the hall vice presidents of that specific campus. Of all the campuses, Livingston has the smallest council with only 5 hall governments that send representatives to their meetings and yet, they seem to be the most put together of the 4 residential councils. As the person who served as the director for the largest residential council this past year, I was always surprised at how a small council could pull of such amazing events. This month, I attended their first event of the year “Livingston Residential Council Presents: Bingo Night.” and I got to see first-hand how well they work as a team and how even though they are the smallest, it never seems like they’re understaffed.

The Livingston Residential Council certainly did not have an easy start to the year. Like many other councils, the Livingston Residential Council struggled with a lack of vice presidents elected for halls. With Livingston only having 5 halls, it was even more difficult for them to get a good start to the semester. Not only did they struggle with a lack of Vice Presidents, they also struggled with the fact that nobody ran to be the Livingston Residential Council Associate Director so they went into the semester down Vice Presidents and an Associate Director.

Despite all these pitfalls, they were still able to get together an amazing event. There were awesome prizes, cookies from Cookie Rush and of course bingo! It was so great to see this event come together so nicely, even though it too had its various obstacles in planning. This event was originally supposed to be earlier in the semester at a place on campus called the Rutgers Zone (on campus arcade). However, after many failed attempts at getting into contact with the professional staff manager of the Rutgers Zone, the event had to be cancelled and re-envisioned into something that would get a large amount of people to attend and still be just as engaging and entertaining. That’s when they chose to do Bingo.

Even with Bingo Night, they still faced some confusion and had to deal with some unpredictable issues. For example, the company that they ordered cookies from got the dates mixed up and thought the event was the following week. There was also a mix-up with advertising where email blasts were supposed to go out to all campus residents but somehow didn’t. Even through all of this, they still had 80 people come out to the event and it went without a hitch!

The saying “We survived because the fire in us burned brighter than the fire around us” really fits the Livingston Residential Council. During this semester they’ve been put through some of the toughest situations a council like theirs could be put through at yet they still emerged from the ashes stronger than before. Even after all of this, it can be tempting to say “No more, I’ve had enough of RHA” and yet when talking to Council members, many of them still want to continue in the organization next year and some even want to move up to the executive board.

The Livingston Residential Council is made up of some of the most passionate people I’ve met during my time in RHA and I really cannot wait to see what they have in-store for the next semester!

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