Month: December 2018


Student of the Month

School: University of Northern Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Elly Flenker Nominator: Cameron Amos

On-Campus Population: 3850 Chapter Size: 32

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Dancer Hall is known as home for over 350 college students at the University of Northern Iowa. But what makes Dancer Hall their home? Some might say the community, the individuals, the friendly smiles in the hallway, the personable staff, or all of the above. However, Dancer Hall would not be known as home without the caring personality of Elly Flenker.

Elly is graduating this May and has called Dancer Hall her home since her first day of freshman year at the University of Northern Iowa. During her time in Dancer Hall, she has been known as a friendly face, a caring person, and a trusted friend. Elly is known to go out of her way to create an inclusive environment and build the strong community Dancer Hall is known for. Elly reaches out to everyone she sees passing by in the hallway, in the lobby, in floor lounges, or in the office and genuinely asks how their day is going. If Elly finds out someone is going through a tough time, she will set aside time to talk with the individual, support them, and let them know they are not alone.

During the month of December, Elly created personalized Christmas gifts for every staff member in Dancer Hall, including the Residence Life Coordinators, Administrative Assistant, Resident Assistants, Desk Assistants, and Custodians. Elly is the President of the Graphics Club at the University of Northern Iowa, and used the club’s laser to personalize the Christmas gifts with engravings. In addition, Elly created personalized calendars for 2019, filled with pictures from staff members’ time at the University of Northern Iowa. However, she did not stop there, she knew December was a stressful time of the year with wrapping up the end of the semester and finals soon approaching.

On top of buying Christmas gifts for every staff member, and personalizing them, Elly bought mason jars, filled them with M&M’s, and left a note reminding all student staff members to relax and to take care of themselves during this stressful time as a second gift. Elly has learned the importance of self-care, and wanted to remind others around her to promote self-care in their lives as while. In the end, Elly spent a majority of her time during the beginning of December creating these personable Christmas gifts, not expecting anything in return from any of the staff members.

Other than planning gifts for staff members, Elly has stayed extremely busy during the month of December with her academics and extracurriculars. During December, Elly attended sporting events, for example wrestling meets, to take pictures for a local newspaper company, sometimes traveling two hours away. Elly has shown her dedication to this newspaper company by traveling a long distance, spending all day at the sporting event, and then editing the pictures the night of the event. Also, Elly works as a Desk Assistant in Dancer Hall, working between 10-20 hours a week in the Dancer Hall Office. However, Elly still takes pride in her academics and manages her time well with her extracurriculars to ensure she is still succeeding in the main reason she came to college, to receive an education. Not only did Elly have a successful Fall semester, but directly following finals week, Elly began a three to four week long winter break class.

During the month of December, Elly has shown her dedication to her academics, extracurriculars, work, staff members, and friends through her caring personality, selflessness, and inclusivity. For these reasons and more, Elly Flenker deserves to be recognized as Student of the Month for December 2018.

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