Month: December 2018


Spotlight of the Month

School: Washington University in St. Louis Region: MACURH
Nominee: WashU Student Leadership Graduate Fellows Nominator: Tyler Priest

On-Campus Population: 5100 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Florida, Orlando, and Massachusetts - For a majority of the month of December, the Student Leadership Graduate Fellows of Washington University in St. Louis were on their winter holidays and each decided to take that time to spend with their families; their families being in Florida, Orlando, and Massachusetts. Despite being hundreds of miles apart from one another and from their home campus for a majority of the month, they found time to come together for a common goal. The three Graduate Fellows worked tirelessly in the month of December, both while they were on campus, and more impressively, while they were home on break, to plan the Winter Training for the three student leadership organizations they collectively advise.

Planning a training for a student leadership organization is no simple task, but planning three overlapping trainings for three organizations, each with different goals, different students at different developmental points, and different visions, that is a complex challenge. What makes the Student Leadership Graduate Fellow team worthy of recognition is how they rose to that challenge and the passion and dedication they showed in rising to it.

Individually, each Graduate Fellow has planned a retreat style training for their respective organizations’ executive board. These retreats include bonding events like lunches and breakfasts, educational content on topics ranging from risk management to advocacy and marketing, developmental sessions on StrengthsQuest and leveraging your position in the real world, and semester planning activities both organizationally and personally. For each of these retreats, the Graduate Fellows first had to secure a time for the students to meet, which was no easy task with the ever-busy WashU students they advise, they then had to secure a space, with many campus spaces not yet being reserve-able on the online system for the spring, and to top it all off they had to weigh competing interests to determine what information should be prioritized for the students. As if all this was not impressive enough, the Graduate Fellows also worked to develop learning outcomes for each session the students will be attending and assessment measures to ensure the learning outcomes were met. This is nothing short of astounding work from these Graduate Fellows. Just what is written above is worthy of merit and deserving of recognition as, but what makes this Graduate Fellow team so strong and extraordinary and worthy of the Spotlight OTM for December is that they also worked together, while geographically separated and remote, to enhance each other’s trainings and create opportunities for collaboration and crossover. They understood none of the programs they advise exist in a vacuum and they should work together to ensure the most successful training experience for the students. By working together on their retreats, they were able to share best practices and session ideas, like a benchmarking session where students are given other schools to research and benchmark. They were also able to plan joint events like an NRHH-RHA bonding event to bring the two organizations closer together.

Cait, Ashley, Hallie – what these three graduate fellows have accomplished in the month of December has been nothing short of astounding. Their efforts to plan training for their organizations each are worthy of commendation, but together, as a team, they rose to an even higher plane. Even though geographically separated they realized that together they can operate at the zenith of organizational planning and advising, together they can create more opportunities for success for their students, and together they can excel. Therefore, together they are worthy of being recognized the as the Spotlight of the Month for December 2018.

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