Month: December 2018


First Year Student of the Month

School: Missouri State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Olivia Herring Nominator: Kelly Adams

On-Campus Population: 4200 Chapter Size: 42

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Olivia has only been at Missouri State for a few months, but she’s already made an impact. She’s made living on the 4th floor somewhere that people feel welcome, loved and appreciated. As the RA on the 4th floor, I’m so lucky to get to see all the great things she’s doing as a resident.

Olivia is a community builder. She talks to everyone she sees on the floor whenever she runs into them. There’s nearly 40 residents on the 4th floor, but Olivia has made countless efforts to get to know as many of them as she can. Specifically this month, she’s made an extra effort to use homework and studying as a way to get to know other residents. The residents that are less likely to attend social events with the floor are often spending their time studying in their rooms. As a way to get to know more of these residents that like to spend their free time studying, Olivia messaged in our floor GroupMe this month about hosting a fun get-together where people could meet out in the floor lobby together and work on studying for finals. She said they could have holiday music playing quietly in the background and even suggested they split the price of a pizza to turn it into an even more enjoyable time. Honestly, during the last few weeks of the semester I saw Olivia out in the lobby countless times. During December she not only was a role model when it came to building community, but she also role modeled good study habits. People were drawn at the opportunity to be social when they saw her in the lobby, but this also encouraged them to study because that’s what she was doing out there. The number of group study sessions that happened in the 4th floor lobby during December were very high.

When Olivia heard that many girls were going out late one night on one of their last days of the semester, Olivia messaged in our floor GroupMe her phone number. She told all the girls that if they needed anything at all, to message her back. No questions asked. She just wanted to make sure everyone got home safe that night. For some girls who muted notifications in this GroupMe, Olivia made the extra effort to specifically reach out to them to tell them that they might not have seen her message but that she was only a phone call away in case they needed anything that night.

One act of kindness from Olivia this month completely surprised me. She had become a lot closer with one resident from the floor who opened up to Olivia about not having much money. She had talked about not getting new shoes for a long time and for only owning a pair or two. Olivia had wondered why she had not been wearing closed-toed shoes even when the weather was cold. Olivia didn’t judge, but decided instead that she’d help. Olivia did some research online and found some shoes that would fit this resident. She ran this idea by a couple other people to make sure they thought it was a good idea. After others thought it would be beneficial, she purchased shoes and had them delivered to her new friend. She never said who they were from because she didn’t want the resident to feel weird or like she owed her anything. Olivia just told me she wanted to help and wanted to remain anonymous when doing so. Olivia truly cares about others and shows this in countless ways.

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