Month: December 2018


Residential Community of the Month

School: University of Kentucky Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Haggin Hall Staff Nominator: Candace Bone

On-Campus Population: 6000 Chapter Size: 35

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

If asked to describe the type of staff community I would want to be a part of I would quickly respond, “A group of people who want to be more than just co-workers skating by, I want to be part of a family; a family that grows, struggles, succeeds, and learns together.” The fall semester in Haggin Hall has been just that. I believe this semester, and more importantly this December, can be summarized using the words of the late, great Henry Ford, "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

The Haggin Hall Staff has exhibited a coming together, keeping together, and working together mentality since the moment we all met. Each of these facets have made the staff strong and the residence hall community unlike any other.

“Coming together is a beginning” – Mid-semester one of our RA’s resigned from the position. At this point, relationships had already been made and hearts were broken at this loss; however, a new addition to the staff welcomed a new sense of beginning as the staff leaned in on the new family member and showed her how we as a family support each other. This coming together was renewed once more this December when our RD went into labor and had her baby, leaving the staff for her maternity leave. This transition in the staff dynamic lead to a new coming together as the staff learned to navigate the job without her and relied on each other more than ever for guidance and support.

“Keeping together is progress” – The RA job is not like a typical 9-5. You live where you work, and you work closely with those on your team each and every day. This environment could be the perfect storm and lead to a staff of people who engage in conflict, negative confrontation, and distrust. For the Haggin Hall Staff, this has been quite the opposite. During the month of December, stakes were high as we wrapped up the semester with finals and prepared to head home for the winter break all without an RD. Instead of becoming frustrated with one another and pushing each other away, the staff drew nearer to each other, engaging in open dialogue when issues did arise and working to keep their relationships healthy and strong. The staff continued to seek out moments they could spend together up until the day we left. The Haggin Hall Staff worked hard to keep a sense of family and togetherness despite the short amount of time they had together this December.

“Working together is success” – As thrilled as we were for the baby to be here after so many months of eager anticipation, our staff was not ready for our leader to be gone a week earlier than we were prepared for. The staff collaborated unlike never before in order to ensure every aspect of the job was executed with excellence, the residents were cared for and their individual needs were met, and that while our RD was gone she could trust that our staff was working together to ensure the hall would be better than she left it when she returned. It is because of this sense of togetherness and common vision that the staff was able to function as efficiently as it did.

The Haggin Hall Staff’s coming together, keeping together, and working together this December despite challenges and unexpected turns has made this residential community more of a family, a family that grows, struggles, succeeds, and learns together.

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