Month: January 2019


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: NC State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Clark Dining Hall Staff Nominator: Auston Gray

On-Campus Population: 8500 Chapter Size: 85

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Previously in the month of January, I was eating breakfast in Clark Dining Hall when the power went out. Although the scenario of the power going out on campus was not a new concept to me, the response of the staff within the dining hall during this incident truly amazed me. During this situation that was handled efficiently and with care for the community living on campus, the staff remained calm and ensured the safety of the students currently eating breakfast within the dining hall.

The response by the dining hall staff was timely and effective. More specifically, Mr. Scott Curtner, the manager of Clark Dining Hall, quickly reached out to all workers currently in the dining hall and gave them instructions to make sure they were out of harm's way and prepared when the power did come back on. However, his excellent leadership during this scenario is only a small snapshot into the top-notch service provided by this dining hall staff during the power outage and the rest of the month.

Every time I enter through the doors of Clark Dining Hall, I am greeted by a smiling face and people who genuinely care about their responsibilities and the people they have the opportunity to serve. During the harsh cold of January, this staff did not waver in their enthusiasm and diligence to serve the students eating in Clark Dining Hall. This effort taken on their part directly benefits the students and communities around this establishment, as well as all people throughout the University Housing organization at NC State. The Clark Dining Hall staff have given me cheer on days of the blues and have gone out of their way to build relationships with myself and my fellow residents to ensure we are being served effectively.

Although it is expected that a dining hall staff team will be welcoming to patrons in seeking to serve their every need related to food and nutrition, the staff at Clark Dining Hall have gone above and beyond in serving numerous students as part of their effect on the community. During the month of January, I have witnessed firsthand the efforts of the Clark Dining Hall staff in serving residents, but I have also observed their willingness to collaborate with hall councils to increase the effectiveness and overall impact of these organizations. As a member of the Quad Area Council, I have witnessed various invitations concerning Clark Dining Hall events during January, as well as assistance in obtaining the necessary supplies to make programs that go off without a hitch. I am extremely grateful for the Clark Dining Hall staff's diligence to serve residents through quality service and collaboration with others.

I have not personally taken the opportunity to build deep friendships with the staff of Clark Dining Hall during this past month, but I have still experienced firsthand the conversations workers have with residents eating in the dining hall. In fact, earlier this week, I witnessed a staff member of Clark Dining Hall initiate conversation with a resident to see how their day was going and to see if there were any additional items needed in the dining experience. The staff at Clark Dining Hall set the customer service and overall quality bar high in previous months, but they delivered on expectations and immense effort during the month of January. They demonstrated time and time again their emphasis in serving residents through exceptional dining and taking full advantage of opportunities to build relationships and collaborate with others, which enhance the community present at NC State.

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