Month: January 2019


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Oklahoma State University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Lauren McAdow Nominator: Emily Duncan

On-Campus Population: 5807 Chapter Size: 40

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I am delighted to nominate Lauren McAdow for Resident Assistant of the Month for January 2019 at Oklahoma State University. Lauren serves as a Bennett Hall Community Mentor (CM) for Residence Life and this last month has gone beyond her normal role to manage and institute resident events. Entering a hectic semester of teaching observations, Lauren has managed to exceed her normal 100% effort to plan upcoming events for residents, overhaul the Bennett Desk, and lead a group in developing the Bennett Honors Living Learning Community.

When an East Bennett Staff member suggested a Super Bowl party, Lauren was quick to step up to coordinate the event. Immediately creating a polished poster, she got the ball rolling. Showing expert leadership, she delegated tasks inter-staff as West and East Bennett Community Mentors came together for the event. Her enthusiasm spread amongst the staff as more people volunteered to assist. Lauren has done an excellent job seeing that all the tasks were seen to and that the entire event with contingency plans were prepared a week in advance. Her hard work has left us anticipating an exciting and thoughtful Super Bowl event for the entirety of Bennett Hall!

The Bennett Service Desk’s organization was sadly lacking by the end of the fall semester. Over the break, leading into January and the desk opening, Lauren took the time to clean and organize the entirety of the Bennett Desk. She was able to complete a comprehensive key audit and reformat the key logs to a more user friendly format. Additionally, she was able to compile a list of needed supplies and find items long lost to the desk. All the board games, DVD’s, and other equipment were additional checked to plan on what needed to be replaced for residents. Though tedious, she went through every pen at the desk and made sure every item was in a functional storage location. Her hard work has paid off with a much more functional space to give the desk a fresh start for the Spring Semester.

Finally, Lauren has headed up the effort to develop the Bennett Honors Living Learning Program. Leading three other Community Mentors, Lauren has spearheaded the effort to see what their honor residents need. With the help of other Community Mentors, she has sent interest and scheduling surveys to residents in the hopes of creating events that they would benefit from. Additionally, Lauren has made sure to be in contact with the Honors Student Association and the advisors from the Honors College to coordinate the efforts of all groups in serving the OSU honors community. Lauren has done an excellent job getting everything organized and we anticipate a Bennett honors board game night debuting in February!

Lauren McAdow has been a hardworking Community Mentor throughout the year, but she has really put in the effort to manage in-hall projects in January 2019. I believe she should be the Resident Assistant of the Month for OSU to recognize her many efforts to support her community!

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