Month: January 2019


Residential Community of the Month

School: West Virginia University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Brooke Tower Floor 2 Nominator: Michael "Vinnie" Amato

On-Campus Population: 5428 Chapter Size: 54

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

“This is just part of growing up. A little adventure, a little rebellion.” -Flynn Rider, “Tangled”

The rambunctious 34 first-year residents that comprise the second floor of Brooke Tower have “grown up” a lot since their first days on West Virginia University’s campus. While each is both adventurous and rebellious in their own way, the Floor 2 Brooke Community came together throughout the month of January 2019 for the betterment of their floor, residence hall, and greater WVU community. In going above-and-beyond throughout the month, this community has impressively embodied both the institutional ‘Mountaineer Mentality’ and regional ‘Cougar Pride.’

On January 3, before WVU residents had even returned from winter break, the Brooke Tower Floor 2 GroupMe chat began to receive messages about what time residents could move back into the halls, and potential new roommates. While both Resident Assistants on the floor responded within eleven minutes, that was not quick enough: the GroupMe had already turned-into a conversation between six residents, who not only shared how excited they were to see each other again after the break, but also were able to give correct answers to the questioning residents that started the exchange. This selflessness and interconnectivity defined Brooke Tower Floor 2 throughout the month of January.

On January 15, another conversation in the GroupMe regarding a shortage of a specific calculator necessary for taking a chemistry exam began. This request led to a conversation that not only set-up a lasting ‘calculator exchange’ that still is in-use today, but it also helped approximately one-third of the community’s residents realize that they are in the same class and should study together. For the remainder of the month following this, the floor lounge began to be used for chemistry studying, showing how willing this community is to help each other, and how well they are able to balance the ‘fun’ of their freshmen year with academic success.

On January 16, one resident suggested that a floor volleyball team be created in order to interconnect the floor even more. While there was concern over whether or not there was enough volleyball talent to constitute an entire team, the residents of Brooke Tower Floor 2 settled-upon a compromise: Campus Cup. Campus Cup at WVU is a university-wide competition, student-run through the intramurals department. Campus Cup tests the athletics, wits, and sportsmanship of all competitors through a series of events that teams will compete-in to gain points towards their overall event score. Events happen regularly on the weekends starting in early February and lasting until late April. Brooke Tower Floor 2 decided to create their own team for Campus Cup, and are the only residential community that elected to do so.

Furthermore, the residents took their passion a step further: on behalf of the floor community, residents submitted and presented a Residence Hall Association (RHA) program proposal in hopes of securing funding to purchase matching t-shirts, puffy paint (in order to customize the back of the shirts with each residents’ name), and a philanthropic donation to the charity that Campus Cup benefits: WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital. Their request passed overwhelmingly at the RHA General Body meeting on January 28, and the shirts were ordered the next day- featuring a resident-designed team logo.

Brooke Tower Floor 2 was undoubtedly the most active residential community throughout WVU’s 13 residence halls in the month of January 2019. They went above and beyond to better each other and their surroundings academically and socially, while sparing enough time to give-back to their community and ‘have some fun.’ As their Resident Assistant, I am unabashedly proud of their achievements.

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