Month: January 2019


Student of the Month

School: Boise State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Angela Aninon Nominator: Shaleeni Prasad

On-Campus Population: 2800 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

When I think about what it means to be an exemplary student, I think about an individual who is not only dedicated to their studies but also strives to make the most of every opportunity throughout their academic experience. By this definition, Angela Aninon is one of the most exemplary students I know. Throughout the month of January, Angela has been consistently dedicated to making a difference on campus, excelling in her academic endeavors, investing in our floor community and beyond our community.

Angela’s involvement on campus constantly amazes me. The beginning of January we had just returned to school, but Angela was not going to be stopped by that to make a change. As the Chief of Staff for the Associated Students of Boise State University, Angela helped facilitate multiple events designed to encourage students to connect with their passions and also get more involved with student government. She volunteered to outreach to our campus community and incoming students. She asked students what they wanted for our campus community and what things students were concerned about when attending college. She volunteered at the local outreach days at Boise State like Mosaic, the Involvement and Resource Fair.

Along with her involvement, Angela has continued to excel in her academic endeavors. Angela is taking multiple challenging Political Science courses this semester, and I have constantly seen her dedication to her own learning as well as her commitment to being a leader for her project groups throughout January. It is amazing that even though she works hard to keep up with her academics she also participates in advocacy initiatives like Woman in Politics, the MLK March for Greatness and the Women's March all in this past month! Our Vice President of Inclusive Excellence said, “Angela is an amazing human, Boise State is lucky to have someone like her advocating to express different and rich cultures to our campus.”

Although these academic efforts are impressive, she is also working on an initiative in awareness of what it is like to be an international student. She is Saipan, an island in the Northern Marianas and has been organizing a clothing drive for the citizens hit by a hurricane in late October. She has been working diligently in gathering, food, clothes and supplies for the individuals of her home country as well as educating others on the struggles of being an international student more than 5890 miles from home. The Dean of Students highlighted Angela on their Instagram writing, “Keep up the great work, Angela!”

In addition to all these achievements throughout January, Angela has been incredibly engaged within our floor community. She was eager to provide ideas and advice when I was trying to plan a floor social on January 19th that everyone would enjoy. Additionally, her Resident Assistant, Emily Castronovo said, that she is always willing to help me with the event, and she does a great job of engaging in meaningful conversations with other members of the floor community!” As well communicating when and why she can not make it to a floor event.

I cannot think of another student who would be more deserving of being recognized as Student of the Month than Angela Aninon. In campus involvement, academics, and engagement with the community, Angela has truly gone above and beyond. I am thankful she is a resident I can count on to care about our community, a student leader I can look up to, and a friend I can share laughs and passions. I hope you will join me in recognizing Angela as Student of the Month for January 2019.

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