Month: January 2019


Spotlight of the Month

School: Western Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Its On Us to End Hate Nominator: Shelby Morin

On-Campus Population: 1500 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In fall term in the Monmouth community there was vandalism promoting hate against people. Two of our Resident Directors, Kelsey Murray and Karen Schlieder decided to take action against the vandalism with a campaign. It’s On Us to End Hate. This is a true statement, we are the only ones that can stop the hate that are in our communities. This campaign had three stages to it all that continued into the beginning of winter term. Kelsey and Karen spearheaded the campaign, but really wanted to give it to the students to takeover. The first stage was posters, the second was tabling, and the last stage was the march.

The posters were put up all around campus, and they weren’t just put up for awareness of the campaign. The posters had QR codes that the WOU population take a picture of and it would take them to a site where they could anonymously report on biased hateful attacks on themselves or attacks that they’ve seen done to others. This is a great way for those who are scared to speak up can still feel like they made a change. The tabling involved students sitting in the Werner University Center (WUC) talking about what happened and providing resources that can help with biased attacks. They also handed out stickers and buttons to keep spreading awareness of the message. The march happened on January 26, 2019. The march was organized by two first year students on campus. They thought that the march would be a good way to stand up against the hate. The people who went on the march met in the pacific room of the WUC building and marched to where the vandalism was originally written two months prior. While at the place they wrote in chalk messages of love and inclusivity on the sidewalk for those to see that we, the Western Oregon campus and community do not stand for hate and we will fight against it to make sure that everyone feels safe. Kelsey Murray, the co-founder of the campaign, said that, “the march was an important event in our community to show that we will take an active stance against hate. I wanted our community to come together to support each other.”

The march had a about people 75 people in attending. Kaiana Bradley, a WOU student who attended the march, said, “The march inspired a hopeful spirit while positively engaging WOU with its surrounding community”. It is showing that the march had its affect on people. Seeing the words of love and inclusivity on the sidewalk written in chalk just lifted the spirits of those who read them. Hopefully a march like this won’t be needed again on this campus because of vandalisms. This shows that WOU comes together as a community and fights together for what they believe in. The WOU community is strong and resilient and when they put their minds together can come up with magnificent things. It’s On Us to End Hate was a great campaign and something that should be continued throughout the year in small ways to really show that hate isn’t the way to go about things.

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