Month: January 2019


Advisor of the Month

School: University of Colorado Boulder Region: IACURH
Nominee: Zabrian Oglesby Nominator: Rae Gilmore

On-Campus Population: 8000 Chapter Size: 80

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

On January 1st, the CU-Boulder RHA and the NRHH Golden Buffalo chapter were excited to welcome our new advisor. Though we were sad to see the much-beloved Corey Friend take on an amazing new opportunity at our school, we were also thrilled when Zabrian Oglesby transitioned from zirs roles as a Hall Director and the RHA co-advisor to the full-time NRHH and RHA Advisor as the Assistant Director for Leadership Development.

Getting to know Zabrian over the past month has been one of the highlights of this new year. Zabrian does what any great leader does - ze inspires me and the rest of RHA and NRHH to achieve new levels of excellence. On a personal level, Zabrian always shows that ze is coming from a care perspective. No matter what is going on throughout my day, I know that if I see Zabrian that ze will offer me words of encouragement and motivation and make sure I am taking care of my needs as a student and person. Zabrian is real, as organized as Marie Kondo, and has a wardrobe that is actual “goals”. As Zabrian stepped into this role, I was nervous about all of the incoming change. As January comes to a close, I stand convinced Zabrian is going to take our RHA and NRHH chapters to exciting new heights.

This month, the CU Boulder RHA community was devastated by the loss of one our hall council presidents. The untimely passing shook our organization to its core and ushered in an extremely emotional period. The amount of emotional labor Zabrian undertook in this situation was truly astounding. Zabrian was RHA and NRHH’s rock through this difficult time. Ze, in conjunction with other residence life professional staff members, ensured that RHA and NRHH were supported in every way possible. As Zabrian shared the news with RHA and NRHH, ze gave us the time and space to process the situation and to grieve. Ze allowed us to feel our feelings, whatever they were, and answered our questions without judgment. As a Board of Directors and an Executive Board, RHA and NRHH had to make plans on how to communicate this loss to the rest of our organizations and strategize how to best support them. Zabrian guided us through this and made sure we understood our options when we were at a loss for words. To ensure that we had professional counseling services, Zabrian coordinating a “self-care” session where students could come together in a set place and time to receive confidential counseling and advocacy through on-campus departments.

Much of the last month for Zabrian has been learning more and more about our RHA and NRHH chapters. This month in particular it seems, we as RHA and NRHH executives have continually thrown new challenges at zir. Whether that be the process of approving the presence of puppies at NRHH spring inductions, having to create an entirely new RHA election timeline, or facilitating the NRHH new member process, Zabrian always works with us to find creative new solutions and is supportive of our visions. On top of all this, Zabrian has started implementing new processes and ideas that create equity in work in our organizations and foster communication (another one of zirs strengths).

On behalf of the University of Colorado - Boulder, I am so eager to see all of the amazing innovations the Zabrian Oglesby will continue to bring to our campus and am thankful that zir chose to take this new journey with us.

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