Month: January 2019


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: University of Colorado Boulder Region: IACURH
Nominee: Grayson McKeown Nominator: Rae Gilmore

On-Campus Population: 8000 Chapter Size: 80

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Grayson McKeown currently serves as the Executive Director of the University of Colorado - Boulder Residence Hall Association (RHA), but he had a long road to get where he is now. Throughout the month of January, Grayson has demonstrated unparalleled dedication to RHA and to achieving his goals.

After the resignation of our former (and much loved) RHA executive director, Michelle Hart, in December, constitutionally our organization had to hold an election with candidates from the current board of directors in January. Two directors stepped up to take on the role, including Grayson, who was then our Director of NACURH Communications (DNC). From his application, it was evident that Grayson spent a great amount of time and thought preparing for this new position. Some goals that Grayson included were giving students more of a voice in Senate and increasing cooperation with CU Boulder’s Resident Advisor (RA) staffs.

There was a long delay between when the candidates submitted their applications and election day due to extenuating circumstances. Despite this, Grayson was not discouraged and instead chose to take on the role of an active learner. He was very intentional during the spring RHA Board of Directors training and listened to the needs and goals of each of the other directors in order to better support both them and the organization in the event that he was elected. In addition, Grayson took extra time to attend various RHA committee meetings, such as funding board, the RLC 2019 conference team, and the advocacy committee.

Despite all of this additional effort, Grayson never neglected his duties as DNC. First and foremost, Grayson ensured that CU Boulder’s IACURH Regional Business Conference (RBC) 2019 plans were settled before the election. As a continuation from the previous semester, Grayson solidified all travel arrangements and finalized the delegation as best he could. As the role as RHA Executive Director was still vacant, Grayson included his fellow candidate in the delegation as well.

Another monumental task that Grayson began in January was award bid writing. Grayson teamed up with Rae Gilmore, the NRHH President, to write and design a First Year Experience bid. Both individuals were very passionate about making this bid as good as it could be, as this bid was a reflection of CU-Boulder’s RHA and NRHH chapters. They started the bid process late in the month but worked tirelessly to ensure that the bid would be completed on time. The end product was something that Grayson and Rae both felt proud of and was a great representation of the standard of excellence the CU-Boulder holds.

At the very end of the month, RHA Executive Director elections finally arrived. The day of, both candidates gave excellent presentations and thorough answers in Q&A. Senate members particularly noted Grayson’s passion, dedication, and extensive experience, and elected him as the Executive Director for the remainder of the academic year. Grayson dived right into his new responsibilities immediately after the election, having to first and foremost organize elections for all Board of Director positions for the next year. Even while he swam through the details, Grayson also prepared to re-run for the Executive Director position.

The University of Colorado - Boulder is extremely proud of Grayson, and is excited to see him thrive in his new role, as we’re sure he will. With his incredible work ethic, attention to detail, and passion for the residential experience, all of which he demonstrated in the month of January, Grayson McKeown can conquer whatever challenge comes his way.

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