Month: February 2019


Advisor of the Month

School: Washington University in St. Louis Region: MACURH
Nominee: Tyler Priest Nominator: Trevor McKee

On-Campus Population: 5100 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Sweet orange and vanilla. I won’t forget these scents – they saturated my advisor’s office as I sat and had a complete mental breakdown. I was overloaded on responsibilities and didn’t know what to do. But Tyler sat. He listened. He helped me clarify my thinking. He helped me do everything I didn’t think I could do, because that’s just what Tyler is capable of.

Tyler has been present in all the right ways during the month of February. Towards the beginning of the month for Regional Business Conference, Tyler adapted himself and his plans to account for delays and various issues that he faced. When the conference was pushed back an entire day and the only option we had was ZoomChat, Tyler bought everyone Sonic corndogs and slushies so that we were all happy to be present at the virtual meeting.

During the conference, he always was the first to offer to take pictures, kept us motivated with his sass, and constantly encouraged us to participate and think critically about the activities each day. When one of us did well, Tyler made sure to reaffirm it, and when we made a mistake in boardroom, he made sure we knew it was okay and encouraged us to still participate. At the end of the conference, he asked each one of us what we learned and how we can apply it to our own host institution. Then, he congratulated us for our hard work and participation even as the RBC schedule changed. In Tyler’s presence, I feel appreciated and recognized – and I am surely encouraged to do more and be better in the future.

The Friday of conference turned out to be a very stressful day for many WashU sophomores and juniors, as RA job decisions were being released throughout the day. A few of the applicants were coming along to RBC. I found out days after the conference that Tyler had individually offered a phone call to each RHA and NRHH member who applied. He made sure that if anyone who applied was feeling nervous or on-edge because of the decision that he would gladly pull over the van and give them a call. He gave the same offer to the students attending RBC. Even when he was swamped with responsibility, Tyler still offered emotional support to his students, because he understands the stress that students feel.

Back at home, Tyler is an active participant in RHA and NRHH ordeals. He creates the space for us to run our organizations while providing support wherever and whenever it is needed. He comes through to GBMs, board meetings, and 1:1s and is fully present at each. At our most recent NRHH GBM, Tyler helped us make cards for hospitalized children along with the rest of the members. He understands that he is just as much of a role model as the executive board.

Tyler’s participation in and care for student lives never backs down. When he knows I’m having a terrible day, he will text me multiple times throughout to check in. He also stops in on 1:1s with other advisors even though he’s not required to. And when I couldn’t make a GBM for our RHA, he texted me to make sure I was okay. He ensures that each of his students is involved and cared for.

So now I sit and patiently wait for the aromatherapy machine and scents I ordered from Amazon. Those sweet orange and vanilla scents will remind me to take a moment to breathe, to center myself, and to know that everything will be alright.

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