Month: February 2019


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Chris Rarick Nominator: Kate Bussell

On-Campus Population: 2000 Chapter Size: 15

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of February, Senior Resident Advisor, Chris Rarick, has gone above and beyond in his role to support the community. Chris has run a staff meeting in my absence, provided programming far beyond the stated requirements, supported a new staff member’s onboarding process, helped with duty processes, and excelled academically.

First, Chris conducted an incredibly successful staff meeting in my absence. This required Chris to meet with me and discuss staff meeting topics, create team builder options for the staff, and co-facilitate the meeting with another Resident Advisor. Chris met with me the week prior to the meeting to discuss the requirements. During our meeting, Chris provided feedback on the topics we were going to cover and started brainstorming some team building ideas. During the staff meeting, Chris was able to convey his knowledge, provide advice to RAs, and have some fun. When I am gone in the future, I fully trust that Chris will be able to run any and all staff meetings.

Second, Chris has provided far more programming than required in his position. Chris holds bi-weekly traditions with his residents. They enjoy spending time with Chris, watching movies, and getting to know each other. Chris also continues his tradition from last semester and plays an ongoing game of Dungeons and Dragons with the residents who are interested. He acts as dungeon master; supporting players, teaching rules, and helping the game run smoothly. Chris also worked with a team of resident advisors in his building to host a successful mindfulness program for his building. The event was well attended and many residents learned something new. When not hosting programs, Chris is sure to support as many other RAs as possible. He attends other RA traditions, supported another building through their mindfulness program, and attends Area Council programs and meetings as often as possible.

Third, Chris also helped support a new, mid-semester hire, RA through the onboarding process in February. Chris did this by filling in gaps of knowledge, showing the new RA how to use all electronic platforms, facilitating duty switches with other RAs, doing extra duty and desk shifts with the new RA, and teaching the new RA how to do rounds. The new RA was ready to complete duty weekends far sooner than anticipated because of Chris’ great teaching. Along with work expectations, Chris made the new RA feel welcome on the team. Chris attended events with the new RA outside of responsibilities, got to know the RA personally, and made them feel included and important as an individual.

Lastly, Chris has excelled academically throughout the month of February. Chris completed a smart home study from start to finish. He studied everything from ease of use to packaging to functionality. Chris studied his subjects, took detailed notes, and wrote an excellent report. Chris’ report was even published in the school newspaper! Throughout February, Chris completed other reports regarding the functionality of campus, published a second article in the newspaper, and continued to learn in the classroom.

Chris’ dedication to both his classwork and his SRA role is astounding. Throughout February, I have been beyond impressed with Chris’ work and I am looking forward to seeing all that he accomplished throughout the remainder of the semester.

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