Month: February 2019


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Saint Louis University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Jack McCarthy Nominator: Amber Gordon

On-Campus Population: 4000 Chapter Size: 40

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Jack McCarthy has been an excellent Desk Manager during the month of February. He has been proactive with helping advance not only our Desk processes for the 2019-2020 school year, but also the 2019 summer conference and housing season. He has been working in his role since this past summer season and has gone above and beyond over and over. He has continually advocated for himself and his peers as well as the processes that need changing within out department.

Just this past month Jack has worked to advance several pieces of the process. Jack saw a need as a result of his experiences this past summer. He was serving in a Desk Manager capacity but due to short staffed buildings ended up serving in other roles as well, working to assist as a Resident Advisor for one entire area of our apartment communities. He submitted a letter recommending changes as we begin to hire and refine job descriptions for our current summer staff. His letter included pieces that would help prevent burnout for the current staff member, suggestions that would make the role easier to carry out, and small changes that would make supervision and other changes simpler as well.

Beyond that Jack offered to help train the new individual once they've been identified. He also is willing to serve in a Desk Worker capacity for the summer for the month he is available to help make the transition easier. He wants to ensure the next person has a better experience and that the process helps rather than hurts the next person.

Beyond that Jack has worked to continue improving things for the students he supervises at the desk as well. He has advocated for both a space heater and a new desk chair to increase the comfort level of those who are sitting at the desk which is near the entrance and exit of the building and can be chilly. He did the research, sought student input, and pitched the purchases.

Jack has also already started his transition report this past month so that the incoming Desk Manager has more context and information that he had starting. He has offered to meet with them before the year is out to show them firsthand how to do things. He has established processes that work well that he wants to live on in the next individuals. He has offered to train the other Senior Staff members so that they can work better to train and aid their desk workers as well. In a relatively young department which has hired new coordinators for most of our buildings in the past year that is an immensely helpful process.

Beyond that Jack's payroll tracking and student violation management have been phenomenal as well. Payroll has been seamless and retro pay processes have been a breeze when required. Jack also staffed our desk for break with no complaint and clear communication. He is in the know and ensures others are on the same page and know what is going on.

As a new supervisor Jack has been invaluable and his work really shows what investing fully in a position and doing your best work really looks like. Jack isn't in this to just get by, he ensures that the work he does is 100% up to standard and that he has what needs to be done completed.

I would be lost without him and his continued competence and dedication. He deserves to be recognized for his intentionality, care, and persistence as he works to help our department advance.

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