Month: February 2019


Organization of the Month

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Nominee: Tritons for Animals Nominator: Michelle Mkhlian

On-Campus Population: 12000 Chapter Size: 47

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Passion, advocacy, and dedication are just a few powerful words that can be used to describe Tritons for Animals, a UC San Diego student organization. Tritons for Animals is an animal advocacy group that focuses specifically on animal rights, environmentalism, and the promotion of plant-based diets. These students work tirelessly to educate our campus populace about injustices against animals while also showing them ways in which they can be a part of the solution. During the month of February, TFA held several tabling events on Library Walk where they were able to successfully reach out to hundreds of students and shift how they thought about animals and food.

For Valentine's Day, TFA distributed truly adorable Valentine's Day cards with lollipops on them to passing students. These cards had punny and uplifting messages on them such as, "You're a fineapple, Happy Valentine's Day!" With thoughtful gestures like these, they have not only been instrumental in educating students, but have also contributed to a campus culture of support and wellness. TFA may fight for the rights of animals, but they have undoubtedly made a difference in bettering the lives of our students as well.

During their next tabling outreach event, they focused on educating students about plant-based alternatives to the some of our favorite foods. On this day, they gave out samples of delicious meatless Chick'n nuggets while teaching students about where these products are available and how making this switch can benefit not only their health, but the environment as well. This event was eye-opening as it showed students just how accessible and yummy plant-based alternatives can be.

Tritons For Animals also has an outstanding social media presence as they frequently post delicious vegan recipes, updates from animal advocacy movements, and educational infographics. They are cognizant of the fact that this lifestyle may not initially seem realistic for most folks, so they do a lot of work in helping students gradually transition into a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. TFA welcomes ALL students to their General Body Meetings whether they lead plant- based lifestyles or not. They are encouraged to attend and learn more about the movement by asking questions, and connecting with other students.

In addition to all of this, their tenacity and courage fuels them to consistently speak out against injustice and make an impact whenever and wherever possible. This year, they were responsible for stopping the sale of SeaWorld tickets through the University. They attended an Associated Students meeting where they addressed the council and made them aware of SeaWorld's tumultuous reputation and their horrific treatment of ocean wildlife in their facilities and programs. After their moving presentation, Revelle College did not only stop the sale of tickets, but TFA was given the opportunity to speak with SeaWorld representatives directly to discuss these concerns.

It has been so incredibly inspiring to see students stand up for what they believe in while educating others and making waves of impact on our campus and greater community. This organization has fostered a strong unit of students who support one another and remain driven to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. Yes, veganism and vegetarianism have become significantly more popular in recent years, but there is still so much work to be done. Each day, these students must combat societal norms while striving to prove the legitimacy of their concerns and this movement to the world. Tritons for Animals is an exceptional example of the power we have as students to make this world a more humane and just one for all beings through advocacy and outreach.

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