Month: March 2019


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Brittney Marzen Nominator: Kate Bussell

On-Campus Population: 2000 Chapter Size: 15

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The month of March tends to be stressful and overwhelming for the students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. There has been no exception for Resident Advisor, Brittney Marzen. Throughout the month of March, Brittney has gone above and beyond in her RA role to support her students and respond to incidents while also managing her own academics and personal life. At some points, even though Brittney was away on spring break, she continued to care for her residents. This dedication is impressive and shows true resident assistant investment in the community.

Brittney’s wing is made up of high achieving highly involved ROTC students. These students spend evenings together relaxing, mornings together surviving physical trading, and their days together as they often share classes. These close quarters often cause the students to relieve stress in unique ways. Throughout March, Brittney has been managing an ongoing prank war between the Army cadets and Navy cadets in her hall. The students have pulled pranks, made jokes, and even involved some crickets. Brittney has managed to roll with the punches and support all students, both involved and uninvolved. Brittney addressed the students individually to explain the impact of their actions. She then met with the entire hall to rebuild community after it was broken. She remained unbiased, supportive, and caring toward all of her students during an incredibly stressful time. She took this initiative without any direction from her supervisor as I was across the country at a conference as this was happening.

On top of the community difficulties, Brittney has spent the month of March supporting students individually. One of Brittney’s past residents still confides in her regularly. Even though he now lives in another hall, he trusts her with a great deal of information. This connection and trust lead to some conversations regarding suicidal ideation and mental health. Brittney was able to take action quickly, referring the student to appropriate resources, reaching out to her supervisor, offering to walk the student to counseling, and more. After the student received the support he needed, Brittney then turned her support to the friends of the student who were impacted by his words and actions.

Days later, Brittney walked another student to the Counseling Center for anxiety attacks and suicidal ideation. This student is continuing to receive support and Brittney plays a key role in that process. She continues to take the student to their counseling appointments, has one on one conversations with them, checks in before and after classes, completes wellness checks late at night, and remains a constant light in this student’s life. Brittney’s community is a tight knit group of students who are all struggling together, but Brittney manages to support them as a wing and as individuals simultaneously. I know that Brittney’s floor is well supported of because of her diligent care and empathy.

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